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  1. HSW got back to me already! Hello, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that your atari games are some of my favorites. Have you talked with the folks at audacity games yet?. Anything you have your hands in would be a day one purchase for me and many others. Thank you for your time. Bill Hi Bill, Thank you so much, I really appreciate hearing this. I do know the folks at Audacity and may well talk to them about producing my Yars" Revenge sequel for which I have a complete design. If you enjoyed my games, you would probably love my book: Once Upon Atari. Have you heard of it? If not, you have now. Please check it out. Yars truly, HSW Howard Scott Warshaw, MA, ME, LMFT -- The Silicon Valley Therapist -- "Passion with a balanced perspective." Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist MFC #52529 Phone: (408) 883-4479 (or 883-4HSW) Email: [email protected] Website: hswarshaw.com Books by HSW: Once Upon Atari Inspired Therapist Conquering College Working online exclusively during the pandemic. THIS INFORMATION HAS BEEN DISCLOSED TO YOU FROM RECORDS WHOSE CONFIDENTIALITY IS PROTECTED BY VARIOUS STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS. THEREFORE YOU ARE PROHIBITED FROM MAKING ANY FURTHER DISCLOSURE OF IT WITHOUT THE SPECIFIC WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE PERSON TO WHOM IT PERTAINS. This is for the sole use of intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential information. If you have received this e-mail in error, please reply to the sender to inform them of the mistake and delete this message without reading the contents. Show quoted text
  2. Maybe they don't know about the project. I think a simple email letting them know your interest and commit to purchase would be fine.
  3. I emailed Howard Scott Warshaw today asking him to contact audacity about getting involved in a project. This is our chance to have some great new games from our favorite atari devs. I'm going to go through my list of favorite games and send out some emails today. Let's do this!
  4. I'm just gonna get a couple 2600-dapters. I emailed them and they confirmed that I can do 4 player paddle games with two adapters barring any sort of unknown issue with the Retron 77, and mine is running the community build of the newest release of Stella. I would still like to see this project get done though. While researching it I found old AA post talking about considering the same thing. Someone should do it. Or walk me through it and I'll do it. I'll buy a new set of paddles just for this and we could team up and get a tutorial video done or something. It would be good practice for me, and would be something other Retron 77 owners might be interested in.
  5. Did you order Circus Convoy? You should do a video on it to get the word out. The more people that know the better the sales and it's already been said by the programers that they want us to reach out and show interest to get more legendary atari programmers onboard. Now is our chance to have something really special happen, hell with just the two games already made something special has happened. We need to get Howard scott warshaw onboard. E.T. 2 maybe? Lol. In the off chance you haven't heard about any of this look into audacity games.


    Love your channel man, 


    1. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      Did the Audacity intern get a new assignment?


      Tip: these status updates are public and everyone can see them. ;)


  6. I bought a Retron 77 and some oem paddles. After cleaning the paddles they still have jitter. I called Retron and was told that the system doesn't handle the old pots well and that I should go with a digital solution like their ranger controller. I'd rather not spend $25 a piece on their controllers. I'll buy a couple 2600-dapters if I need to. I'm trying to cut down of costs and if it's doable I'd like to mod my paddles. Thanks for the reply
  7. I'm an amateur tinkerer so I can solder a bit, but reading schematics is still foreign to me. It looks like it should be possible to have a digital pot control the analog pot in the paddles without an Arduino. I'd really like to know what materials to buy and how to go about doing this. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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