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  1. Hello everyone and nice to meet you! My name is grumpygamer and I am really grumpy! :D Nah, just kidding! I'm just a dad with an insane (and very expensive) passion for all things retro! Anyways I've come into possession of an Atari 520STfm to discover I can play midi on it! Now back when I was young I owned an Amiga (boooo! :P - really loved it!) and I used to make music on it with Soundtracker. So here I am wondering the following: Is there is a tracker on the ST that supports MIDI and at least 8 channels? Is my Atari good enough? If not which one would be the better one to use? I have it on my desk now and only have 1 FDD with Music maker, I tested it with Kontakt on my pc as a sampler and it works! Now I only need to find a tracker to work with for multi channel! Any help is much appreciated!
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