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  1. Will there ever be a PAL 50 or 60 release for Anguna for Atari 2600? I absolutely love the game but can only play in emulators or on my Blaze Atari Retro Handheld Console. I have a PAL Atari 2600 Vader so would love a PAL version of Anguna.
  2. Thomas Jentzsch Thank you so much 👍🙂 you've just made my day.
  3. Would love it if the Harmony Cart was that cheap but I live in England & never seen it as cheap as that & if it was, would have to pay a stupid amount for postage. Does a NTSC harmony cart work OK on a PAL Atari 2600 Vader?
  4. Just wondering if there was a way to convert .bin to .a26 rom files as the new Argon emulator for android only recognises .a26 roms? Would like to try out Zippy The Porcupine on it. Not the end of the world as 2600emu runs both roms. Also is there a way to convert .bin to .a78 for the same reason above? Would like to try out some homebrew on the Argon emulator. Some roms can be renamed to work but some just crash the emulator when renamed.
  5. That's ok. Glad that was sorted out. I think I would prefer Scramble on a 2600 cartridge anyway. The UNO Cart does most games so I'm happy with it rather than the slightly more pricey Harmony Cart. Looking forward to pay day so I can order Scramble for the Atari 2600. As I said in a earlier message, the Rom of the Scramble Demo partially worked (only title screen working) on the Blaze Atari Retro Handheld Console. Well I figured out the Atari 7800 Rom of Scramble works great with both buttons working for guns & bombs. Pictured below is (first 2 pics) the Atari 7800 Rom working on the New Argon emulator for Android & (second 2 pics) the Atari 2600 Demo Rom working on the 2600 Emu emulator for Android. Can't wait to play the complete version properly on my Atari 2600 Vader. Shame nobody converted it to work on the UNO Cart or many new homebrew games too & maybe one day homebrew developers take advantage of what the UNO Cart can do.
  6. Ian Smiler B

    PAL60 ROMS

    Has anyone converted Pursuit of the Pink Panther to PAL 60 yet as can't find it anywhere on Atari Age but was told that it's already been converted to PAL?
  7. I've searched Atari Age with no luck in finding the PAL 60 rom of Persuit of the Pink Panther. To get things straight, I'm a retro game collecter & have a decent collection of Atari 2600 cartridges for my PAL Vader as well as enjoying playing Atari 2600 roms on Emulators (my laptop & my android mobile phone), Blaze Atari Retro Handheld Console (NTSC roms compatible) & the UNO Cart (to use on a PAL console so PAL roms needed). Would love to find this PAL 60 rom of Pink Panther to play.
  8. Thanks for the reply. That's exactly what I thought, although still don't know why it loads the title in my Blaze Atari Retro Handheld Console & then crashes as soon as you start the game? I'm definitely going to buy scramble pay day in 2 weeks as its an excellent game & want to play it on my PAL Atari 2600 Vader with a Sega Master System controller (preferably, rather than a Genesis/Megadrive controller as the 2 buttons on a Master System controller work perfectly).
  9. I also would love a PAL version, especially a PAL 60 version made, as in the NTSC version Pink is Green on a PAL Atari 2600! Only reason I'm saying all this is there have been many NTSC to PAL 60 conversions on Atari Age & I believe that Persuit of the Pink Panther also deserves the attention of the people who made such conversions available, as would be a excellent game to play on my PAL Atari 2600 Vader in its proper colour palette. Thanks Ian
  10. The question is how did you get scramble to work with the UNO Cart it's supposed to be DPC+ & Harmony compatible? It works on Stella for Windows & 2600 Emu for android phones. It also starts up on my Blaze Atari Retro Handheld Console but crashes as soon as you start the game. But I've tried every PAL version of the Demo on the UNO Cart & get a scramble of color then black screen! Please help is there any way to get it working? or a different download somewhere? as was in your list of games that work? Or am I just going to have to buy scramble on a PAL 60 cartridge when I get paid in a couple of weeks? Thanks in advance.
  11. I've just bought an Atari UNO Cart 2600 for my PAL Atari 2600 Vader (AV Out). I've noticed that it will play Pursuit of the Pink Panther bin rom but as its a NTSC game, pink ends up green! :- https://mobile.twitter.com/SmilerB9/status/1416096802898653184 Is there any way of hacking a NTSC only game to run less colours & maybe get the correct (or as close to correct) pallet so it's not like you're playing a game on Acid? Would love to play some of these NTSC only titles properly on real hardware (on my PAL Vader). My Blaze Atari Retro Handheld Console plays NTSC roms perfectly & PAL roms work fine but the screen is slightly squished (a little bit smaller like most other consoles when from NTSC region playing a PAL game). So no real need to hack a PAL rom to NTSC region is there? Any help appreciated 👍🙂
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