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  1. My Colecovision uses the original 28.5 watt "brick" transformer that came with the unit - no problems with it powering all expansion modules including the roller controller...
  2. Interesting that some Melody carts (like Zoo Keeper) could possibly have higher power requirements that an EM1 cannot provide - I have several other Melody carts from Champ Games that play well on my EM1 as well as many standard carts, so I know it's not the EM1 slot or expansion port connections that are the issue...if additional power is the problem it would be good to know going forward.
  3. Thanks all - I own other Melody cartridges that work (Space Rocks, Draconian), and if someone has a copy of Zoo Keeper that works on the module #1 then it must be my copy that's defective...
  4. Just received my copy of Champ Games new Zoo Keeper cart, and it apparently does not boot up using Expansion Module #1 - anyone else have this same problem? Tried other Atari carts including more current homebrews and everything works fine, so it seems to be this particular cart...
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