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    Atari Stacy 4/40

    FYI, the Accelerator I have goes to pin 27 on the Yamaha YM2149F chip. I believe it's the Fast Technologies T25. Any idea where to get the software to monitor/toggle the accelerator on/off?
  2. Hello all- I finally got around to opening up my Stacy 4/40 (bought it a LONG time ago through the Atari Developer program). The Connor CP-3040 drive is oozing and I am going to attempt data recovery via a windows/SCSI system. I modded my STACY in the early 90's and put in an accelerator board which worked fine at the time, although I don't have the software right now to enable the accelerator (one wire goes to a pin on the Yamaha chip). @DarkLord I want to make a few initial mods. I have ordered an Ultrasatan (internal + cables) as per one of your posts. I would like to completely eliminate the DC/DC board and go to an EL sheet replacement. Can you steer me to directions on that? Secondly, I'd like to go to the PICO 120w PSU internal one that is on this photo. Do you have directions on that? Thanks!
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