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  1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/111556011509?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Reserve is lower than the BIN, that's just there for oil tycoons that's want a lynx ASAP. This is my pride and joy since Xmas '90...hate to see it go.
  2. pixeljunkie

    Lynx to VGA

    Just adding another reply to this saying, I would definitely buy one of these
  3. pixeljunkie

    Lynx to VGA

    I too, am waiting with baited breath for this to happen. Amazing work.
  4. pixeljunkie

    Lynx to VGA

    I'm beyond stoked at the idea of replacing the LCD on my lynx with a newer/better one. I really hope this sees the light of day. EXCELLENT WORK!
  5. pixeljunkie

    Lynx to VGA

    Does this mean the possibility of replacing the screen at some point could happen?
  6. what's the deal with Fat Bobby? Was the released version super limited?
  7. Looking to get a copy of the full game. thx
  8. I suggest checking your caps my game gear was like that and after cap replacement is better than new speaking of this, has anyone done a tutorial for replacing all the Lynx caps? I am thinking about doing this, but wanted to investigate a bit to see if anyone has barked up this tree before.
  9. If it even exists. Hit me up!
  10. That's just it. This doesn't require swapping the LCD. It's just a matter of swapping the backlight with a better one. Keep the LCD and maybe bi-vert it. ??? Yes, from what I understand. Unlike something like the Nomad.
  11. I know there have been topics about this before and what we've learned is that it's just not possible to swap the Lynx LCD with another. There's been some pretty cool developments in the Gameboy/chiptune scene the last couple of years that got me thinking... nonelectronics has some great LED backlights as well as newer polarized film. I'm wondering how these would work in a Lynx as far as improving the image quality and/or battery life. Also curious if something like bi-verting would work on a Lynx as it does with a GB to dramatically increase contrast. I realize the Lynx is color and not B&W, but I would imagine you could invert the signal in the same way ??? I'm not terribly versed in all of this, just thinking out loud. bi-vert link Are there any hardcore Lynx owners out there with the knowledge/expertise to start messing around with some of this?
  12. -My original Atari Lynx model 1 from 1989/90 [paint wear, but otherwise great] -MIB Atari Lynx model 2 -HUGE collection of games, most boxed/complete. -carry pouch, large case, car adapter, com-lynx, AC Adapters Is there any interest in a lot such as this? I would rather not break this up as it would be less trouble for me to just stow it away and forget about it. But if someone is interested in a huge collection, including multiple protos and some rarer boxed games, then please PM me and I can take some pics for you, etc.
  13. agree completely. This game is a "system seller" It's also given me a reason to play my Lynx for more than 5 minutes, which hasn't happened in 10+ years!
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