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  1. Any help on this... Recapped my GG (retrosix SMD cap kit), all working now except; Screen is pretty much washed out (contrast adj. works fine) Not all games work (sonic pretty much always works but others either boot to a green screen or nothing at all) Have reflowed the card connector, and screen ribbon. Interestingly once I recapped the sound and power boards, the screen was in colour, but after trying a few games it went back to really washed out. Are there things I should know about the LCD? Places to push or check etc.. Power board outputs correct voltages, both on power and on batteries. I will have a modern upgrade on the power board coming in a few days just in case the regulator/transistors are faulty. Carts have been taken apart and cleaned thoroughly, same deal. This was done because the games are intermittent (the ones that work) which led me to believe connection issue with the games. So everybody, what is next to try? I have a multimeter etc. so can take readings, measure cap values etc. Thank you so much in advance.
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