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  1. Hiya all, does anyone know who did the designs for the ATARI's coin-op's in the 70ies? Or even better does anyone have Mr.Bushnells emailaddress? //k
  2. karl

    Crab Control?

    Ok, I will have the cart scanned by Wensday, and yes, it's a PAL release. Thanks for the info.
  3. karl

    Crab Control?

    Kinda fount it out by myself, The game I have is called CRAB CONTROL, but it's actual name is Crackpots. Kinda strange anyway, and the label is totally strange too, some guy sitting in an airplane or something. Can scan the cart if anyone's interessted.
  4. karl

    Crab Control?

    Hi you guys, I have had a look through the 2600 games list, but I couldn't find one of my carts, CRAB CONTROL, maybe it slipped away when writing the list. I think it's an Activision release anyways. If anyone knows anything about it, tell me!
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