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  1. This Amico is a cluster of a mess with no proper management to handle things from A to Z. I feel Tommy did things backwards when it came to the Amico.
  2. Even with a shortage we're being told there are not any suitable compatible component replacement parts to be used?
  3. The software being nothing more than shovelware it really needs a title that says purchase me.
  4. I don't know why they cant put the game data on the actual cart like the DS/3DS/Switch it's just a more expensive way of redeeming a code. So when they servers go offline you basically have a cute paper weight. No wonder they were able to pump out 50k of these things.
  5. The Switch is made with better parts and the Amico is using a few generations back Android/Cell Phone parts.
  6. I think there is something more going on behind the scene with the Amico than a chip shortage. Explain to me how something such as the Nintendo Switch is readily available and easy to find?
  7. Will people really care when this releases a decade from now? This should have come out two years ago and for the price point you can get a Nintendo Switch with the same type of games albeit shovel ware off of the e-Shop. Tommy mishandled this console from the start and bit off more than he could chew.
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