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  1. I read my v3.05 ROMs on my Atari PC1 via "GETBIOS.COM" The DOS programs creates three files: C000.ROM E000.ROM F000.ROM It seems that E000.ROM is only "garbage"... C000 and F000 contains the real ROM. I just glue the real ROM together and compares the String in it with the newer one: 3.06 -> First 20734 Bytes are identical. There are some new Strings: Diff between 3.06 and 3.07 looks differently than 3.05 vs. 3.06 -> The first ~8KB seems to be completely different. Think this is the NSI Video BIOS part, isn't it? 3.07 vs. 3.08 -> First part is equal. Seems that 3.08 adds some new code in a empty space. It contains additional Strings: I collect all date timestamps (These timestamps are in the BIOS but didn't printed on boot). First is the BIOS, second is the Video BIOS: v3.05 - 09/17/87 - 9/26/86 v3.06 - 10/01/87 - 9/26/86 v3.07 - 10/19/87 - 2/9/87 v3.08 - 12/15/87 - 2/9/87 My conclusion is: v3.05 -> v3.06: Adds Parity checks v3.06 -> v3.07: Update NSI Video BIOS v3.07 -> v3.08: Adds RTC Support About RTC: Maybe a solution like https://hackaday.io/project/168972-rtc-isa-8-bits-pcxt in a XT-Adapter will work? Another Question: Will it be possible to read the ROM via XTIDE? Are the ROM EPROM pin compatible? And can i flash a new version on a AT28C256 and use it in the PC1 ?!?
  2. btw. has anybody successfull tried the Super PC/Turbo XT BIOS ? http://www.phatcode.net/downloads.php?id=101 https://github.com/andreas-jonsson/pcxtbios On a PC1, PC2 or PC3 ?!? I only made a quick test, that doesn't work. Think it's needed to include the ROM for the onboard EGA Graphics (NSI Logic EVC315-S)...
  3. No, not Shugart. I found out that it must be the PC variant: https://forum.classic-computing.de/forum/index.php?thread/24929-atari-pc1-externe-floppy-interner-isa-bus/&postID=313973#post313973 (german) Wow... That's new to me. Thanks!
  4. http://www.ataripc.net/biosrom-images/ contains the ROM versions 3.05, 3.06, 3.07 and 3.08... Does anybody knowns something about the changes in these versions?!? The question is: The floppy controller chip "Intel P8272" seems to support HD disk drives. But my ROM v3.05 does only support DD...
  5. btw.: Sergey's "ISA 8-Bit Backplane " has some "bypass capacitors" and optional "terminating resitors"...
  6. About a VGA Adapter: https://github.com/necroware/mce-adapter is cheap and works good, if you have a suitable monitor that supports the frequencies... Back to the Floppy topic: Is it possible to attach a Gotek floppy emulator to the external floppy port of the Atari PC1 ?!?
  7. I found this topic: I also work on a PC1 XT-Adapter here: https://github.com/jedie/Atari-PC1-XT-Adapter and have similar questions about needed resistors and a capacitor... Anyone? (I'm not on facebook) EDIT: On http://www.ataripc.net/document-archive/ is the PDF: Atari PC ISA Bridge.pdf that contains some more information on page 3: Don't know if there are any difference to the pictures from above...
  8. O sorry, i didn't know anything about him. If I had known that, I wouldn't made reference to him. Seems that @Bumzyman has also made some interesting work on the PC1...
  9. Any news on this??? I try to create a XT-Adapter, too: https://github.com/jedie/Atari-PC1-XT-Adapter
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