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  1. I notice Atari 5200 games work in V5 but not in V6, also V5 is 3gb and V6 only 1.5gb ?
  2. Just a little question re the update packs do i just copy and paste over the old ones?
  3. Many thanks for your help i am not an it wizard (i am 70 years old) started off with 2600 back in the day,but i usually get things sorted especially with all the help from the gaming community.
  4. I updated to latest firmware (i must have had older version)all seem ok alough some games do not load ie snes .
  5. I have a new Toshiba sd card 16gb class 10 100mbs.I have the 50 game legends,the card shows 110 games now so they all work ok.But when i try atari get a black screen then back to menu no games show.
  6. i can see all the roms in their folders can you walk me through loading an atari 2600 rom.
  7. ok downloaded latest v 6 same as before .Do i need to add roms if so where do o put them?
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