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  1. Thanks. I had tried that a while ago with no reply.
  2. JX2000

    Vectrex system

    If you intend on opening it to see the condition inside or to pop the shell back into place, read up on discharging a Vectrex to avoid any accidents.
  3. Looking for Vectrex games like Debris or Color Clash or other homebrew games. thanks!
  4. I don’t like sports games usually. Basket brawl is such a great name that I should’ve played it.
  5. Wouldn’t it be great if homebrew developers would hand off production to a 3rd party or make their games free to download if they decide to walk away?
  6. Electro Cop was one of my favorite Lynx games. Unfortunately, I haven’t been following the homebrew scene. Have there ever been any homebrew sequels, mods, or games inspired by Electro Cop? Thanks.
  7. Anyone have updates on how to buy games from Revival Studios? Their ordering page doesn’t work. If anyone has any games from Revival Studios for sale, can you PM me? Thanks!
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