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  1. Nope..., but I might depending on what is all entailed. Right now they are doing maintenance on the server. Thus I cannot see it.
  2. Mint factory sealed Flight Stick Pro! This goes nicely with Flying Nightmares, the Shockwave games, Wing Commander III, and even Super Wing Commander. These are among my most prized and favorite of my collection. Mostly due to my fond memories of playing these until I had defeated them!
  3. Flying Nightmares! I loved this game as a kid. It went well with my CH Pro 3DO flight stick. This sealed copy is in Mint condition with a near perfect seal and box that has almost no warping, creases, scuffs, scratches, or caving. My favorite thing to do in this game was practice landing on the carrier.
  4. Hello, thought I would share my collection of 3DO games with everyone. Right now I have a temporary shelf rack.. For quite some time these have either been in storage boxes or unorganized and stacked on the shelving seen on the side wall. So I have managed to get some organization done! On the rack all the games on the first 3 shelves are all factory sealed while my CIB collection begins on the 4th shelf starting with '3DO Action Pak". I believe I have over 60 percent of the North American Set sealed, but I have a long way to go to get a completely sealed set. Overall, I have about 85% of the North American set. I have a few more games on the way, and I will upload more images over the next few days to highlight some of my favorites!
  5. If you have this and would like to part with it for a good price, please PM me
  6. If the sealed Sthral is in good shape and can give you both a mint Sthral and Lost Eden CIB. I am trying, myself, to get a complete sealed North Amercican set. As of right now I have 83 sealed in my collection, or almost half the set sealed.
  7. I have both 3DO games, but I would trade only+cash if need on them if you have a sealed 3DO game I need for my collection
  8. Its an old Goldstar pad... Though I might be my 3DO because my other one isn't working now either... Nor is my flight stick ... I have yet to get this FZ1 recapped... So the controller might actually be fine. I will send you a photo later today of it. Might just ask 10 +shipping for it.
  9. You need a new or used one? I can provide both.. Edit.. I have just new ones... Just tested my spare used controller I haven't used in years and it doesn't work... So I have some new ProPads, about 4 of them. When I get home I will upload photos..
  10. Hello, I am looking for a good copy of this game for my 3DO collection! Willing to pay between 700-1500 US depending on the condition .. 1800 starting offer for a new and sealed copy.
  11. might have to adust the laser. the lens could possibly need cleaning...., or even need a recap
  12. If still available by Tuesday, my pay day, I am interested. I generally collect 3DO specifically, but I want to branch out and get an inttellivision and an Atari 2600. I will PM you Tuesday if this has not sold by then
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