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  1. That would be under F! Thank you so much for digging these up. This will make a nicely sized dent in everything!
  2. I'll PM you examples of how others have formatted the transcriptions I've worked on. No photo editing skills needed!
  3. Once again thanks for this! I felt like we were close but paying $150 for a manual alone is tough. I’d resell it after, but I have a feeling it would only go for half of that. Maybe I’ll break if a while goes by on this one as I know this will be one of the harder games to archive.
  4. I’d fund it 100% + shipping if you send me the game so I could scan the manual, but I’d keep it after of course. You wouldn’t get much out of it, but it would allow us to backup the game online if you’re interested in helping.
  5. Good to know. I never read the manual and assumed it was high quality due to the seller. I’d redo the whole thing if you can provide copy.
  6. Interesting. I didn't do that one myself, but if it looks rough that's good to know. If you have a list of edits I would 100% re-write it. My personal ones are Alien Solider and King Colossus and I think they're in pretty good shape. If any of the other translations look rough let me know because I can add those to the list of things to take care of.
  7. Thanks everyone! I've sent PMs to everyone who offered to help. It's out of my scope for the moment. While I'm getting a lot of help, a lot of current missing docs were purchased and scanned by me. I'll continue to do that for the NTSC-U collection as needed to keep up the momentum. I wouldn't be able to give Mega Drive the same treatment. However, I'm translating any Mega Drive manual that I feel like is recognized as something NTSC-U markets missed out on: https://www.vgcomplete.com/translations
  8. The letter B is now implemented! We're only missing 3 manuals and working on finding them now, but if you have them (Blaster Master, Bubsy II & Beast Wrestler) please let me know!
  9. I've compiled a list of every missing Sega Genesis game manual online here (To my knowledge): https://www.vgcomplete.com/missing If anyone has any of any of the listed manuals, please feel free to reach out to me. We're 80% of the way there with all the work the contributors at SegaRetro have done, but things have really slowed down. I'm doing what I can to contribute & buying up every manual I can online but having a few helping hands wouldn't hurt! We’ve already gotten 11 previously un-archived manuals uploaded / secured & being prepared for upload just within the last week, with many more expected on the way, but we’ll need a lot of help to complete this! Don’t let these little booklets disappear in time 😭
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