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  1. I was about to start removing the case screws (again) on my Atari STE but remembered that a few days ago I dropped my STM1 mouse on the floor and started to behave strangely. Apparently the left button micro-switch got smashed by the drop and not it "gets stuck". So it seems that this is what was causing the keyboard to behave the way it did... don´t really know what that might have to do, but it is. When I remove the faulty mouse the keyboard functions perfectly, so mystery solved. Thanks! Agv
  2. Hi, after the computer boots (STE) the keyboard sometimes (like half the time, or more) start misbehaving. Keys don't work or type any random character. Some other times, keyboard works perfectly with no issues. I could not find a pattern so far, but will keep investigating. Any has an idea what could be related? Agv
  3. Thanks for the update. I have tried a few other that worked: Bubble Boubble, Elvira II, Xenon II, Exolon, Bomb Jack. Waiting for my ACSI2STM to arrive from Spain, I guess that should solve it. Anyway, I'm very disappointed about the issue between NETUSBEE USB drivers and STING network drivers... I guess I can live with that but is really annoying. Agv
  4. I'm with you on the idea about eliminating the need of the STORAGE driver. In fact, I'm waiting my ACSI2STM device to arrive but in the meantime wanted to use the USB port as some storage, but apparently is not going to be possible, at least not with pure TOS (seems it works under FreeMint).
  5. Someone answered my post with "Yes, there is a problem with the STING network driver. With MiNTNet drivers USB works fine." I will try to get more details about that, seems that STING network driver (well, not really STING, I guess he talks about the ENEC.STX driver) has some incompatibility with NETUSBEE Storage Driver. It would be a little overkill to setup MINT just to make this work.... Ideas?
  6. Yes, I'm using XCONTROL.ACC and configured STING with no issues, I ping internet hosts with no problem. The issue is that when I try to anything that involves writing on the USB partition I'm using, I get the "TOS Error #59" and everything dies. My guess is that this is caused by something NET or STING related, but I have to confirm that theory.
  7. Hello everyone! I'm using a new NETUSBEE and the USB port is working with no issues but when I configure STING I randomly get a "TOS Error #59" error dialog and all ports (USB mouse, storage and NET) in NETUSBEE stops working. I have tried with NETUSBEE drivers v6 and v5 with the same results. STING is v1.26 Any ideas?
  8. This is an STE so memory chips are in DIMM sockets. ROM chips seems to be well seated (I did it anyway). In the meantime I have replaced the CPU with a low power version (68HC000) and it seems to work OK so far, but I have to test it more. Thanks for answering!
  9. My STE has 4MB of ram... I guess it should be enough for playing any games...
  10. So, regarding the memory consumption of the NETUSBEE drivers there is a chance to do something to improve the situation where I want to use an USB Key (pen drive) as a Hard Disk to play some games? I have tried and 9 of 10 games don't work, crash or hang loading. Have tried with HOLE as well but it didn't help, all games now give me an "Insufficient low memory" error now. Any ideas?
  11. Hi guys, at first though it was an issue with the old STM1 Atari mouse (microswitch buttons) but now I have connected a new USB mouse through a NETUSBEE and I'm having the same issues. Sometimes, not always, the mouse behaves really bad and I cannot almost make click anywhere. Mouse movement is fine, but I can hardly select an icon and double click is almost impossible. Dragging something is also impossible. But.... it doesn't happen all the time. When I reset the machine a few times, If I'm lucky the mouse works perfectly. I can select icons, drag & drop works, double click works perfectly. It happens with two different mouse, connected to two different ports, so I have to rule out a mouse problem or a port problem. Anybody have suffered something similar? Could be related to the reset circuit malfunctioning? The machine has almost all mandatory fixes, recapped PSU, etc. No other problems so far. Ideas? Agv
  12. I have added some resistors to RGB & TTL CSYNC signals and the general quality of the video signal improved a lot. Also took the opportunity to add some better shielding to some parts of the cable that were exposed before, maybe that also contributed. Image quality is much better now. Agv
  13. I did all mandatory fixes except for the video ghosting fix, as my STE don't show any ghosting.
  14. Thanks a lot for your response, @bfollowell. Could you measure this Cool Novelties cable to check if the RGB and CSYNC are going trough resistors? RED is pin 7 on ATARI DIN and pin 15 on SCART. GREEN is pin 6 on ATARI DIN and pin 11 on SCART. BLUE is pin 10 on ATARI DIN and pin 7 on SCART. CSYNC is pin 2 on ATARI DIN and pin 20 on SCART.
  15. Hi All! I'm noticing that most of the video modes shows some "wobbliness" or "waves". I have tried playing with some settings but could not found one that fixes it. So I'm thinking this behavior might be related to some video signals not coming through resistors as recommended in most RGB / SCART cables, in particular for the color (RGB) signals (although color levels seems to be OK) or CSYNC (from pin 2 in RGB to pin 20 in SCART). Any pointers? Thanks! 20210909_155312.mp4
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