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  1. Huh, fascinating. I gave it a quick spin on my Windows computer, it seems to work. Didn't do anything too interesting with it just yet. I do wish it was available for Unix-like systems, though.
  2. Thanks @ParanoidLittleMan . Indeed, using an emulator to generate the RSC file and the C header is what I'm currently doing for development. But now I'm kinda motivated to make my own GUI RSC editor, hehe.
  3. The only ways I know how to edit GEM resource files (*.RSC) are with programs that run on your Atari machine (or in an emulator, of course). But, is there any modern software out there which would let me edit them outside of the Atari environment? Combined with m68k-atari-mint-gcc, I'm hoping to be able to cross-compile an entire project and iterate upon the resource file entirely from, say, my Mac. Edit: I should specify I'm looking specifically for a graphical app.
  4. Hatari already does not require you to use PortMidi if you're on Linux. But you might have to build from source with the correct parameters in order to make that happen.
  5. Hey everyone, I mostly just wanted to share that I was able to successfully use Hatari on macOS to drive MIDI output. An emulated copy of Sweet 16 is able to talk to my MIDI keyboard! There's been a bunch of work within the last month or so in Hatari with regards to MIDI, especially on systems that are not Linux. Less buggy and slightly easier to use. I fixed a crash myself in the process. You can follow that discussion if you like: https://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?p=427386
  6. Hey everyone. When I read that Classic99 had been ported over to Linux and macOS, I immediately tried to build and run it for myself. I confirm that it's super unstable on macOS, even on High Sierra (10.13). Now that I know about Classic99v4.git, I'm super motivated to play around with it in general, hehe. I'm just gonna go ahead and try building it on NetBSD, too (I maintain several packages for NetBSD) and just have some fun. Very cool stuff here.
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