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  1. So Tommy .. no one asked you about how the software on the limited product could and should be differentiated from any other product ... and certainly not on your own forum 🤣🤣
  2. Yeah I think so. Really makes it stand out and takes away the criticism that it's just a box or a code
  3. Quick question about the physical titles, and sorry if this has been mentioned before. As the games themselves won't be able to be downloaded for a while, would it be possible to differentiate them from the digital product that will be available in the shop. Primary if the games had a simple splash screen which says "collectors edition" at the title screen stage, this would make the boxed titles even more desirable. This could be an ongoing thing for every physical release as it would be nice to reward the consumer with something that is special about the game itself. Just a thought...
  4. Tommy, whilst we are talking honest opinions ..? Here are mine I have a very small YouTube channel of 50 subscribers. I made a video 3 weeks ago using my real name, showing me and my pretty face. I explained why I had pre ordered a founders edition,? This was because of reasons very personal to me and also the reasons I had decided to unfortunately cancel it. Reasons did NOT Include controls, crowd funding, physical media etc etc. It was clearly about what I thought were broken promises regarding previously announced games. I have listed them to you on here, and you decided not to address these concerns properly in my opinion. I mean isn't asking you questions part of the reason for this thread in the first place ? Therefore after giving you the opportunity to answer simple questions, I made the video. My videos are not meant to be creepy, but humourous with honest opinions both good and bad. For example I have praised the design of the controller, the box art and have expressed genuine excitement for the games you claimed were coming out in your reveal video. I have been criticized for doing that by the way, but I except it with good grace and move on. One reason I also became uneasy about all of this came when I first joined this forum to ask questions and was immediately shouted down. I was also appalled when someone with legitimate concerns was called a fascist and no one including yourself condemned these words.... This is your thread, one which you read and contribute too regularly. Therefore you had ample opportunity to give your opinion on this shocking comment which came from a regular contributor. Does this mean you support this type of comment and behaviour ? Since my very first video I have been trolled and abused by one person using multiple alt accounts (which he has confirmed and I have the screenshots:of this as proof) However, once identified by commenters on my channel he has subsequently removed all the nasty comments and gone to ground. This person if true, has attended both your recent public events and is well known to troll the gaming community. Perhaps you might like to investigate ? Insults included: I am gay ... I'm not but there would be nothing wrong with that....Full on homophobia I beat my wife and she left me for a Muhammed.... Full on racism I am a cocaine addict I sexually abuse young children and I am on the sex offenders register I am a down and out. I am mentally retarded .... And lots lots more. I have an average of 143 views for goodness sake so who released the hounds? Whoever it was clearly does not like any oposistion to what is essentially a toy so do they have some sort of vested financial interest in your company? All of this abuse was seen by my children and they became very upset, so how dare you insinuate this stuff only happens to a certain group of people. Please do not also include me in your assumptions that people with concerns and criticisms create content just for clicks, views and subs ... Don't flatter yourself mate ! People have been weponised on both sides and you are at least partially responsible for this wether you choose to accept this or not. It will not stop me from voicing my opinion and that of others. Again you talk about bullying yet you positively contribute regularly to certain YouTubers who have actually threatened physical violence to detractors of themselves and the console. Intact on both occasions you thanked them for their support... And yes I have called them out for their behaviour which I totally stand by. Attack dogs have been unleashed on both sides, so spare all of us your false narratives regarding those that don't like what this project has become. It is time for you to calm things down and NOT fan the flames with statements like the one you have just made. I return to this forum after several weeks and see no further concrete information apart from that two of the most anticipated games (CM & NS) with will not be released at launch. Are these two games really targeted for a family friendly audience or for hardcore intelivision fans ?. There are comments from many people on here who clearly want what's been shown multiple times on official videos. Yet still no release dates, only an advisory comment they will have to wait til next year......utter nonscence in my opinion. I'm afraid you have lost my purchase and support. I regularly have people mocking why I wanted to do so in the first place, but my love of the intelivision brand will not be broken by anyone, including anybody attempting to abuse me further. I hope this console does come out for the genuine people who just want what was outlined in the original reveal video and who want to play the games that were promised. You targeted them (including me) and no one else on that video, so now it is up to you to do right by them. I also hope that if the console does not get released to the wider public, developer's will be compensated and allowed to release the games on other platforms. I'm sure you'll reply to this comment for your captive audience but it will fall on my deaf ears as far as I'm concerned. I will continue to make videos and hope others will do the same for both sides of the argument.
  5. Hi Tommy, I've Spoken to all 3 UK retailers today 14/09/21 and none of them have been informed of any changes to release dates by intellivision. Any particular reason why, or is the UK still getting The Amico in October as per the retailers stated release dates ?
  6. 🤔 interesting thoughts on pre orders about 4 minutes in
  7. Amico speakerhat"s are the free gift for those with a pre order. My source deep inside the company has confirmed this
  8. I'm wondering the same thing. Founders, VIP and standard pre orders in that order ? The email was really vague on that. If it meant getting the system out before the holidays and if it helped the company out, would people be prepared too except a standard white or black colour ? It must help logistic wise and simplify the process.
  9. They must be still be 💯 confident as pre orders are still being taken on every retailers Web site and the official site too. Admittedly it still says a release date of October 2021 on the ones I've checked, but they must have numbers to work towards. I'm guessing like the playdate and steamdeck they will cut these off when numbers have been reached and set up a separate pre order system for 2022. Delaying again and then not honouring everything until that point would be an absolute disaster. This actually makes me feel abit more optimistic in fairness
  10. What I don't understand is why they are making life so difficult for themselves. I mean there are so many moving parts to this thing and it really could be seen to be over designed in some people's eyes. Lights in the controller that your holding during a game is a neat idea, but the whole console ?! Added to that they are definitely launching with atleast 3 colour variations and possibly a 4th (Red). I know its just the shell but even so what other console in history has launched with that many variations. The original GBA maybe ? Even if that's true look how much more money Nintendo made by releasing limited further down its life cycle without any actual hardware improvements 🤔
  11. Hmm in all fairness I don't want anything. I think 99.9% of people understand another small delay. I'd rather they keep their money and concentrate on launch.... but I'll take a patch or a pin bage 👍
  12. I worked in games retail for a long time. I agree that missing Christmas isn't a disaster as most consoles don't hit maximum sales for a little while after launch. What would have been a disaster would be to have tried to stick to the October release date and fail to get adequate supplies to retailers ... especially with your first product to market. Believe me retailers won't back a company that does that in the long run.
  13. I think this is one of the most exciting aspects of the Amico. For example my kids loved the VMU games on their own merits years before mobile phone gaming. Ended up buying way more of them just for those damn Chao's ! I think the Dreamcast was an ideal console. It had adult games for me and GREAT family titles as well ... Sega bass, chu chu, and space channel 5 being my kids favorites. I just kept my games out of reach ... simples The key was none of those titles were dumbed down or deliberately made easy for them they just found their level and worked hard to improve their skills. Unfortunatly I'm not sure there's much they would have enjoyed from the intended launch line up. Skiing probably would have gone down well and maybe snafoo. Fingers crossed they will build on this next year with the full launch
  14. Tbf the more they tease this ( and they are ) the more excited I get. I won't get any of the launch titles as nothing excites me but I will definitely pick up Night Stalker and Cloudy Mountain for example. I think this can only be a good thing for all the reasons you listed.
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