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  1. Thought I'd just add my two Pal I 7800 serials: X9383814268 has been recapped and power button replaced X1093115226 has been AV modded and is CIB (kung fu master does not work) They differ in 2600 compatability and both have asteroids as internal rom.
  2. Yes this worked on the esp on the pluscart too which is now updated to Thank goodness. You guys are just amazing. 🙂 Instructions for updating without desoldering worked fine. Thanks for that Al_Nafuur.
  3. Thank you so much Cfarl for also making this error. As I did not know I should press the X either and so failed to update my esp8266. I thought all hope was lost and now I have seen your post and success. I also have one on a pluscart board that I will now flash as my previous attempt deleted the firmware on the esp8266 and broke it. I really appreciate this thank you. 🙂
  4. Hi. I've managed to get it connected to my a repeater router I had and its working fine. If I can work out how to update the esp firmware i will. Would mean desoldering the whole board again tho. Thanks for your help amazing device. Really amazing.
  5. Hi there. Just built myself a pluscart, it's working except I cannot get it to connect to my WiFi. It sees the WiFi networks but it just doesn't connect up. Is this due to my esp8266 firmware? Photo of system info attached. Many thanks, any help appreciated Mark
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