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  1. Thanks Really looking forward to it being over with.
  2. Anytime a piece of old tech can successfully be repurposed, it's worth talking about. Especially when the idea is completely outside of the original intended function or makes the tech more of a curiosity. I hope you make progress with this and share it with us Should be cool if it's doable.
  3. Wow... I was floored when I first played the 4K version. This is just mind blowing as ever since the release of Pac-Man for the Atari back in the 80's, I had always just figured the console couldn't manage anything similar to the arcade game. I can't stop playing this and even during breaks from game play, I sit and watch the attract mode. I do know there was a cartridge for sale at one point. Not sure which version. Even if it isn't the ROM that is being circulated, I'd like to purchase one as well to support the effort. I haven't been this impressed with an Atari game since the first time I ever played Asteroids in my own home. Only thing missing is my mother telling me to give my little brother a turn. LOL!
  4. That'll take some time. I am in the process of packing up my house to move both myself and my workplace. (The house we are renting is being sold and our office hasn't been used in over a year now... Sigh.) I will look into an oscilloscope and see what I can learn about the specifics to look for and give a yell when all is settled. Things should lighten up after September 14, I hope. Thank you all for your help! I'll put the project down for a while, partly because I need to pack it all up to move 😪
  5. I believe the UAV buffers the Luma signals from what i've read. My knowledge is limited but, it is expanding as I go. I did verify that that there are no issues with the TIA, RIOT, or the 6507 by swapping them out with another working machine. (Both the "parts" machines I grabbed I was able to get up and running, one of them will end out being a complete system when I'm done as other than needing to replace the 2200uF Capacitor, it is completely checking out.) So, I'm thinking I may look into a UAV mod and keep this basic AV mod for a machine that isn't already showing symptoms. Trial and error...
  6. I actually do own a Harmony Cartridge so I can run a .BIN with no problem. That would really be appreciated. I had done some poking around to see if someone had created some form of "Test Pattern" for color adjusting. The EPROM you recommend I didn't even consider. I may just start building a .BIN "toolbox" folder on mine I absolutely will be looking into purchasing an oscilloscope. My initial searches showed an overwhelming number of possibilities with varying prices of really cheap to "Go ahead, sell the car..." Thank you for the recommendation and all your help! It is very appreciated.
  7. The Console5 Refresh and Cap kit was also installed on this machine. When I determined that it was the voltage regulator that was dead and the reason it was being sold for parts, I figured it would be a good idea to be proactive and swap out the components that are more prone to fail. It was around $7 and included the new VR which which was what I needed. At the time I had reasoned that the poly cap "Green Chicklet" is intended to reduce noise coming in from the power supply so it was an early uninformed attempt to address the ghosting. I'm thinking if the two machines coming in both appear to have restorable or at least useable cabinets, and if one of them is in working order with cleaner video, then I may move this motherboard into one of the other cabinets to continue to look for a solution. I've already learned quite a bit I didn't know before cracking open my first restoration so, I'll continue to press for an answer. Why not, right? 😂
  8. Odd, I answered this a couple of days ago yet, here we are Yes, the dead Atari I revived before this one was the donor. Unfortunately I only swapped the TIA, didn't think to do the same with the RIOT or CPU as they didn't strike me as suspect at the time and that was recently sold on Ebay. The only other machine I have here is a Sunnyvale 4 switch "Woodie" that is listed on Ebay right now so, I don't want to risk damage incase it moves. I was lucky enough to find a couple of basement find Vaders that were being sold as a pair for parts. Snagged them both for $15 and even though one looks potentially fixable, they both appear to be in okay shape. I'm thinking get the complete console up and running (Ideally) and use it to swap off parts until the culprit has been identified. Or if it comes back from the dead as well as the other two and I can't get this one to cooperate, swap out the motherboard. Just in principle alone I want to figure out the problem and fix it, even just to learn some more. If the second Atari sells (First one was bought for $25 not working, after a day of work and about $9 in components, it got bid up to $102 so fingers crossed) I may want to consider finding an oscilloscope that I can afford to put my hands on. We'll see Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll report in on this thread once I have something to report 😁 For now, it is back up and running and still looking pretty bad for an old guy 🤣
  9. I did. I had another that works fine so one of the first things I checked was if the TIA was faulting. It made no difference and the issue didn't follow it to the other machine so, there went that theory. I did find a couple of "for parts" Vaders on Ebay and grabbed them. One of them looks potentially fixable so, I may be able to do some more swapping of components in search of the bad apple. Might get lucky.
  10. I did actually. I had another Rev 16 machine so I tried swapping and there was no change. That was why I had ruled out the TIA. (Issue didn't follow it to the other machine.) That machine id on Ebay now so I don't want to risk another swap. I do have two parts machines coming in, one appears to be fixable. If it is and is decent, then maybe I'll be able to parts swap until I find the bad apple Or swap boards... That's not off the table either. They are both Vaders so hopefully Rev 16 and up. Looks like I have some trial and error ahead
  11. I really want to determine the trouble with this console but, if unable; do you think a proper UAV mod in place of the basic AV mod would have a chance of addressing this issue? It's not out of the question to upgrade the upgrade, just sayin' 🤪
  12. DC - GND to pin 20 = 4.98V AC - GND to pin 20 = 0.0V I do have an older flat screen Emerson I can connect to. It isn't the best quality so, the image seems blurred but, does still show the shadowing albeit not as clearly. (My roommate now thinks I'm nuts. Wandering the house with my Atari and a bunch of wires, talking to myself. 🤣)
  13. Unfortunately, I don't. That ghosting is real. I wish I had a better way on hand to capture the video... I can say that this machine is running on a brand new power supply and had had a new voltage regulator installed that was putting out a solid 5.0. I have used an OEM power supply with this machine as well and there was no change in video.
  14. One thing I just noticed before turning it off, if you flip the switch to B&W, the ghosting does lessen. That's probably expected but seemed worth mentioning
  15. Oh, hehehe. Gotcha. Lifted R228, will test again with Pitfall where the pics I showed used that game and we know what it's issues look like:
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