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  1. Why should AtariAge be in the business of keeping people "positively" interested in the Intellivision Amico? It is an unbiased forum is it not? If so, then discussions about anything to do with the console and company should be able to be discussed. If someone wants to post about how excited they are for the console and the games and how they can't wait etc, then great, they should be able to do that as they currently are doing. If however, someone wants to discuss negative aspects of the console and company, and any criticisms they have, then great, they should be allowed to do that just as much. If I went into the Switch or Playstation sections and started telling everyone that they should only be positive, and that people posting negative things are affecting how people are interested in the system, that would be a bit weird wouldn't it? Why would I care if people are positively or negatively interested in those systems? AtariAge is a forum for things to be discussed, both good and bad, so I don't understand why this "positive things only!!!" attitude applies to the Intellivison Amico. Playstation forums allow negative discussions about Playstation. Nintendo forums allow negative negative discussions about Nintendo. Xbox forums allow negative discussions about Xbox. Yet an Atari forum must contain a 100% positive attitude about an Intellivision console? That's quite weird to me, and makes me wonder why that is the case. I see you recently made a post saying how you would not play a PS5 even if you were given one for free, please don't do that again, it might put people off buying one.
  2. You were banned from the main Amico thread? That's ridiculous if so, but really just sums up the main problem with this whole thing. Oh well, the Amico community is purposely being curated to only contain those that don't question anything and act like a star-struck teenager over Tommy Tallarico, so I guess congratulations to those in charge on continuing that.
  3. I agree with most of your points. I saw the first trailer a couple of years ago, became interested after seeing the retro games teased and had a little look around, but then stayed away since the release was far off. Recently I came back to looking things up relating to how physical media worked and what new games had been announced while I was gone, by looking at Youtube videos and joining here mostly, but the overall way I've seen fans treating people is very off-putting. I asked about the physical media in a comment on one of the official Youtube videos after one of the events, I literally said "Will any of the games come with a poster as I remember Tommy mentioning it back at the beginning?", and I had two of the prominent Amico Youtubers reply shouting me down, one with an insult, and then my question was totally deleted. Are people not allowed to ask valid questions? The amount of times I've seen Amico fans imply that others are mentally ill or throw out insults, or that they're trolls for simply having negative opinions (or just asking valid questions) about the system or games is quite remarkable to be honest. It's one thing when it's a community of Playstation or Nintendo fanboys made up of kids or teenagers, but this all seems to be coming from very grown up men (who seem to feel like they're part of some gang or something). And sorry to say I've seen it from the CEO himself a large amount of times. I realize that by catching up I'm reading many weeks/months worth of things in a smaller amount of time, so it may seem like it happens more often, but still it's quite nasty to see. I've now gone from seeing a console where I'm looking forward to playing a bunch of retro games remade, to wondering what the hell happened and not knowing what information and people I can trust, including the company and people from it themelves. The whole situation is just insane. I'm even wary of posting this because I assume I'm going to have a load of insults come my way!
  4. He deleted the tweet, I think after he realised he shouldn't have posted it. I googled and there's a couple of results showing it, but I think they're by people who some would called "haters" so I wont post any links, but if you search "intellivision amico physical" and limit results to within the last 24 hours you should see it, either on the main search or on the images results.
  5. Yep, a high quality picture including a little pile of games and the front of Finnegan Fox.
  6. You are correct. John Riggs posted the full picture on Twitter, it says "Contains collector coin and 3D card".
  7. Thanks for the reply! That's disappointing, I was looking forward to little SD cards for games and was hoping there was some pictures or something. Oh well it seems like they haven't revealed them fully, so I'll just have to wait and see.
  8. Oh that's a shame. Thanks for the answer though! It was one of the official Youtuber trailers, someone left a comment asking if there was physical media as well as downloadable ones, I echoed the question and Tommy replied with this... I thought he also said about the SD cards in a video interview as well but I might be remembering wrong.
  9. Hi, does anyone know if the physical games are still coming on SD cards as Tommy told me in a Youtube comment a while back? I've tried searching but I can't find anything really, thank you!
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