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  1. Of course. No problem . Just that one specific ad got my attention and pointed me to lack of two types of games on Amico (Fitness, Dancing). Otherwise, the more options for people, the better.
  2. I don't know. Will you play after one month? The same question is true for Amico and its simple games (as well as for anything we buy). I just wanted to point out that Nintendo seems to aim quite well at these folks - simplicity, movement and fun for the whole family. And if they buy one console for this, will they buy another one? I am also not sure whether the term "hardcore" is appropriate. I think that we need something like "midcore", or "softcore" ;). Playing occassionaly Mario Kart does not seem "hardcore" to me. It is maybe not casual but neither it is "hardcore", imho.
  3. In the ad, they show Fitness ring and Just dance (I think so). I think that it is quite a clever choice: do something for your health and have a simple fun. It is also something that you cannot simply do on your smartphone. So I think that their choice for the ad was quite good in the respect to casual players/non-players. What do you think?
  4. I think that with the partial exception of the price for games and multiplayer in all games, this is exactly the marketing of Switch. + You get portability, games for younger and older ones, Fitness, singing, dancing etc. And of course, Switch has also many cheap games on its online shop. I mean: Yes, Amico seems to be more simple (and more limiting as well) but if one decides based on marketing, Switch goes for the same audience and gives you the promise of the ultimate device that can cover the whole family with one console. But maybe Amico marketing will be successful :). Curious to see their strategy. And maybe they will also have some fitness apps/singing/dancing/more moving games in future. I also don't want to be rude or wish ill but recent ads from Nintendo got my attention.
  5. What is interesting for me is that there are really no fitness, jumping or singing games for Amico - something that can be missed by some parents when they compare it with Switch.
  6. Definitely, there are great games even for small kids on other platforms. I think that the idea of Amico is to provide a safe option for those, who don't want to or don't have time to look for those games. Amico's promise is that there are only simple and safe games on it, nothing else + no parental settings required. However, I am now getting a lot of ads for Nintendo Switch featuring mums/young women doing exercise and then dancing with a kid - so I think that Nintendo Switch goes for a similar demographics and it offers some pretty attractive things, like fitness stuff and dancing games, portability + it is a system that can serve more types of gamers. Curious to see how Amico will compete!
  7. Thanks. So characters and their animations will be different in Amico version?
  8. @Tommy Tallarico Have you already mentioned somewhere what will be the unique features of Amico Dynablaster in comparison to other versions? Of course, there will be the controller and probably LED showing the color of the player. Beside that? A special mode? More levels? Something else?
  9. Well, sounds like speculation. This new version seems to look exactly the same for all platforms they advertise.
  10. It will be interesting to see which port of a game to Amico will be the least exclusive, i.e. the smallest amount of changes in comparison to the original.
  11. Just curious, do we know anything about unique features for Amico version of Dynablaster? It seems to come to all imaginable systems, incl. Android, iOS, PC, Switch and allegedly even Atari VCS! : D Curious to know how it will be different and which version will come out first. https://dynablaster.com/
  12. And which games do you find nice, which mediocre and which ugly?
  13. I have checked other games from the same publisher/developer (?). None of the looks really great :/. On good side (?), Dynablaster will be available for all possible platforms, including mobile, PC, Switch... So a lot of possibilities to try it out.
  14. Oh, that is true! I completely forgot them! That soccer is much worse than Dynablaster! Hopefully, it has evolved a lot since. Interesting, I would have expected that they would go like Sensible soccer way. More top-down perspective.
  15. Thanks for the detailed description of your experience! Edit: sorry, issues with internet connection.
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