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  1. Damn, this sucks big time. My most heartfelt condolences to the Vendels for their loss, and to this wonderful community as well.
  2. Have you done a search amongst your emails for "Legacy Engineering"? Was what I had to do, back when Curt still had that site
  3. I went and re-submitted my old Legacy Engineering receipt e-mail as a screenshot, and submitted the order number along with updated address and everything. Congrats on managing to get it out, Curt! After all the hell you've gone through with your health, consider this a job well done sir!
  4. If I ever meet you at a retro expo, Curt, I do want to shake your hand in thanks for persevering through all this. You're a hell of a physically-resilient guy, and the fact you stuck through all of that to finish this project, that's some outright HARDCORE dedication sir. I tip my 35th Anniversary EPCOT Center cap to ya.
  5. Hey, Curt, just sent all the info (including a saved e-mail of the old Legacy Engineering order number) along with an updated address. Look forward to it arriving! Also, for anyone else still trying to find the e-mail with their old order number, search for "Legacy Engineering" for the sender.
  6. I have the grey cart version. Was given to me when a long-time friend of mine gave me literally a few hundred's worth in older games (including MegaMan 5, and a CIB "Dragon Edition" copy of Ultima IX). I might not have an N64 any longer for now, but the hell if I'm giving away or selling something a close friend gave me.
  7. We have Milo, but where's Otis at? ..I'm going to sit in a corner for even referencing that movie..
  8. Would I need to search my e-mails again for my order number?
  9. Hal also did a superior version of Pac-Man on the Vic-20 in comparison to AtariSoft's attempt. It was called "Jelly Monsters". Also, for the GB, GBC, and GG ports of the game, there is a Full-Screen option like the NGPC had. You just had to press left or right. They also had a sort of battle mode via link cable, where it was either first to lose all their lives lost, or whoever beat the set number of stages first won. Also, if one player eats a ghost, it gets sent to the other's playfield. If you ever get have a chance, Mark, you should give Opcode's "Pac-Man Collection" a shot on the ColecoVision. For the hardware it was made for, it's pretty much arcade-perfect.
  10. Basically, that stick will work on any Apple 2 series computer with the paddle controller port in the back. It was just an easier connection as compared to before the //e to connect a joystick or paddles (or tablets like the KoalaPad). The original 2 and the 2 Plus mainly used a socket inside that had a lot of pins on the controller's connector that could easily bend or break. That stick just needs the DE-9 female in the back. So basically the //e, //c, IIGS, and any compatible clone with the DE-9 female joystick port will work.
  11. The biggest issue overall is the emulation quality (or lack thereof) in it. AtGames still can't learn how to do system emulation properly, whereas Nintendo seems to somewhat improve on the accuracy of theirs (the FDS audio from that version of Zelda II is night and day between the Wii VC and 3DS VC). That, plus the compatibility with physical carts is horrific. Even with the A/V issues, the GamerzTek SNES clone actually does a better job (though it also has a few bits of reverse-engineered SNES hardware in it).
  12. And to think, Reika's a playable character in Castle of Shikigami III/Shikigami no Shiro 3.
  13. That's really weird you have so many issues with DOS ports and audio. Not sure what's up there?
  14. While not the little in-game catalog flyers that came with the Sears-branded games, check out some of the late-70s and early-80s Sears Christmas Catalogs on the WishBook Web site.
  15. Hey, my desktop graphics card started having fan issues, and a friend bought me a new card off Amazon. I also found a little extra info on the two versions of Super SF2 for the Amiga, and was unfortunately able to get audio to work on the DOS version. Once I have footage recorded from those, I'll go and start getting that followup. I've also managed (before one of the old card's fans started seizing up) to finally get some acceptable footage of the 128k version of Zaxxon for the Apple ][ series. I just gotta record some audio narration for that and it'll be ready to upload.
  16. When you mentioned Digital Eclipse, surprisingly the quality of the GBC port of Marble Madness is night-and-day in comparison to Makaimura. The latter plays like the arcade with NES graphics and C64-ish music/sound (as I noticed the Red Arremers actually use the same patterns in the arcade). Tis odd.
  17. Yeah, I made a comment on hi video about the Saturn port of Thunder Force AC. The fact the Saturn version gives you built-in autofire like on the MegaDrive original is a GODSEND.
  18. Aside from me having hounded both companies when I worked for Disney about this for years, honestly the price is a STEAL. RR2 by ITSELF costs over $230US. This compilation's got over $600 worth in games. Some people these days..
  19. I'll have to reecord footage of the 128k Apple ][ version of Zaxxon with the Mockingboard enabled. Also, I gotta compile some additional info on the Amiga versions (yup, one for OCS/ECS and one for AGA) and show that Mark should be thankful he had no audio in the DOS port.. thank you, Rozner Labs.. >.<
  20. It is a color limitation. If you look at other ports like the Amstrad CPC, the same limitations happen due to only displaying so many colors.
  21. Oh man, I kinda feel bad for when you eventually get to doing Makaimura. All of the home computer ports are lacking (some moreso than the others), and even the "most accurate" computer port, the Amiga, is lacking things like a second loop.
  22. I enjoy the occasional round of Pinball Construction Set. Someday I'll look into getting a mockingboard clone and a replacement for the floppy drives so I can maybe stream games for the system.
  23. I'd have to go with the Coleco ADAM version, as it even adds a new fifth stage not in any other version. It also has the intro sequence as well, and I believe the stage clear animations. The Atari 8-bit conversion comes as a close second to me.
  24. I'm missing a Vectrex, TG16/PCE (wanna play both domestic and Japanese HuCards and CDs, not sure if I want the SuperGrafx), and a Neo-Geo AES.
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