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  1. Thank you for the rundown of things to check. I haven't really done troubleshooting like this before, so this is going to be interesting. I will look for the bank swap on the forums and hit up YT for some tutorial videos. Thx. So, the test starts just fine, with the text intact. Then on the 1st look, as soon as it hits that 18th square, the text flips through characters in the video, then stops as soon as it moved to 19th square. It then completed the loops, all green. Then starts next loop, all OK until the 18th square, and same happens. And so on... I ran the test for about 30 mins, and it never crashed. The machine seems to work fine otherwise. I played some games, ran some demos and no issues I can tell. Never hangs, and this is the only time I've seen the text garbled in any application. Alright, sounds like I have some testing ahead of me. Thank you for the pointers.
  2. Hello folks, A quick ask for advise, if I may... I plugged in my 130XE and run a quick Memtest. It started off as normal, but as soon as it hits the 18th location, the text turns into garbage. But all RAM/ROM and all locations are green. I captured this short video on its 3rd test loop already (therefore the text is already garbled) to show what's happening but get the idea... This behavior repeats on every loop, at the same and one location only. Do you think this may be something I need to be worried about? Please let me know and thank you for your time. 130XE_Memtest_3rdloop_082521.mp4
  3. Thank you for the suggestion. Added. I actually rolled it further into Line 40. Hehe, right. That makes perfect sense. Thanks. In the end I added a timer to check how much time those tweaks saved. All the help was definitely worth it. Although, the things is slow, that's for sure. One day, assembly language here I come... Hehe. Thank you ALL very much for help! 10 REM DRAW A HEART 15 GRAPHICS 7:SETCOLOR 2,4,5:COLOR 1 20 T=2: REM DOUBLE THE HEART SIZE 25 STARTTIME = INT((PEEK(18) * 65536 + PEEK(19) * 256 + PEEK(20))): REM START THE CLOCK 30 TX=-1:FOR TY=1 TO 360 40 X=(T*(16*((0.25*(3*SIN(TX)-SIN(3*TX))))))+80:Y=25-(T*(13*COS(TY)-5*COS(2*TY)-2*COS(3*TY)-COS(4*TY))) 50 PLOT X,Y 55 TX=TX-1 60 NEXT TY 65 ENDTIME = INT((PEEK(18) * 65536 + PEEK(19) * 256 + PEEK(20))): REM STOP THE CLOCK 70 PRINT "ELAPSED TIME: ";(ENDTIME-STARTTIME)/50;" SECONDS.":PRINT "": REM SHOW TIME ELAPSED 75 GOTO 75
  4. Thank you, Dinadan67. That did it! Again, thank you both for help. Very appreciated! I made a couple more tweaks to: double the count of dots (Line 25), double the size of the heart (defined T variable in line 30 and added it to X and Y formulas in Line 40) and make it fit after above changes (Line 45). 10 REM DRAW A HEART 20 GRAPHICS 7:SETCOLOR 2,4,5:COLOR 1 25 TX=-1:FOR TY=1 TO 360 30 T=2: REM DOUBLE THE HEART SIZE 40 X=T*(16*((0.25*(3*SIN(1*TX)-SIN(3*TX))))):Y=T*(13*COS(1*TY)-5*COS(2*TY)-2*COS(3*TY)-COS(4*TY)) 45 Y=Y+75:X=X+80: REM MAKE X AND Y POSITIVE TO FIT SCREEN 50 PLOT X,100-Y 55 TX=TX-1 60 NEXT TY ... and now got this 🙂 Perfect!!!
  5. Thank you, TGB1718. This helped a lot. I found on the same website (https://mathworld.wolfram.com/TrigonometricPowerFormulas.html) that formula "16*sin^3(t)" used to calculate X, is the same as "16*(0.25*(3sin(t) - sin(3t)))" So, I figured that I had the sin^3(x) implemented wrong in BASIC. I'm not exactly sure how to fix this, so I swapped for the other formula: 10 REM DRAW A HEART 20 GRAPHICS 7:SETCOLOR 2,4,5:COLOR 1 25 TX=-1:FOR TY=1 TO 180 40 X=16*((0.25*(3*SIN(1*TX)-SIN(3*TX)))):Y=13*COS(1*TY)-5*COS(2*TY)-2*COS(3*TY)-COS(4*TY) 45 Y=Y+50:X=X+50: REM MAKE X AND Y POSITIVE TO FIT SCREEN 50 PLOT X,Y 55 TX=TX-1 60 NEXT TY 70 GOTO 70 ... and got this 🙂 Perfect shape, but upside down. Would you know why this is upside down?
  6. Hi, I'm looking for some help with applying math equation to draw a heart shape in Atari BASIC. The equation is for heart #6, which comes from https://mathworld.wolfram.com/HeartCurve.html. "The sixth heart curve can be defined parametrically as: x y where " Currently, I have this code but it does not work. It only draws a single dot. I'm sure I have the "t" definition wrong in line 30 and I'm not too confident if I got the formula right in line 40... 10 REM DRAW A HEART 20 GRAPHICS 7:SETCOLOR 2,4,5:COLOR 1 30 TX=-1: TY=1 40 X=16*(3^SIN(1*TX)): Y=13*COS(1*TY)-5*COS(2*TY)-2*COS(3*TY)-COS(4*TY) 40 PLOT X,Y Would there be a kind soul around here who could help me fix this code? Thank you in advance.
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