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  1. "Only regret, was hiding myself away, so many years" Never misses a chance to spin that ol' hiden away narative, shame he has no regrets for all the credits stolen, lies told and people f*d over.
  2. Good points. This will be a very interesting case for sure. The evidence available in the public domain currently is a tiny subset of that held privatly. If there is or was hate crime, then where are the arrests? No one is asking Jane for anything other than answers to questions regarding inconsistencies in Jane's own public statements. Jane has made many questionable public statements, if you make a public statement, should the public not be allowed to ask questions about it? Seems Jane will not answer questions. Games is firmly in the public interest, especially the who when and where of beloved games. Whittaker asserts he was heavily involved with many of these games. It's a matter of public interest. The only person playing the gender card is Jane. No one else cares.
  3. Golden Joystick Awards https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Joystick_Awards Had 'Programmer of the year' award in the the early years prior to 1990. The venerable Jon Ritman won in 1987/88 which presumably would have been the year Whittaker won for Flying Shark? Andrew Braybrook was runner up.
  4. Master-Cast Radio Jane Whittaker Interview Part 1 @7:57 "I got programmer of the year award for it that game" (referring to Graftgold’s Flying Shark). https://www.avsim.com/home/interviews/jane-whittaker-the-lady-behind-the-code-r3344/ "3 Time programmer of the year award." https://www.gamasutra.com/view/pressreleases/153119/Circus_World.php "Jane has been 3 times winner of the Programmer of the Year Award and twice winner of Game of the Year" https://invisioncommunity.co.uk/keystone-games-unveil-launch-info-rogue-islands-fps-adapts/ "five-time programmer of the year award winner, Jane Whittaker" https://train2game-news.co.uk/tag/over-the-wall/ "led by 5 times Programmer of The Year award winner Jane Whittaker" https://web.archive.org/web/20190824173722/http://bluesockstudios.com/ "5 times programmer of the year award winner"
  5. Indeed, seems Whittaker's gender situation changes with the wind. Mixed sex 'Siamese' twin, seperated in HULL around 1980. 'Chimera' twin, absorbing his twin prior to birth. 40-60 operations as a child. Born female from the waist down.
  6. Thank you! Next Generation December 1997 page 188 would also be great scan to have
  7. He was born 12th October 1967. He's off by a year with his turning 16 whisked away to Atari Sunnyvale by Sam and Jack in 1984 story, fresh off the operating table. But then he's back over in UK again 1988, with no mention of being youngest ever VP of Atari to Sinclair User in 1988. Probably earliest sock refrence.
  8. It is very curious how he landed the job. Whittaker's interview in GamePro June '94 has him as author of a bunch of Amiga Graftgold games, Rainbow Islands, plus Darkseed and Midwinter 3. Presumably the Amiga focus to show deep experience with 68k. Presumably also the peeps at Rebellion saw this article at the time. This would be earlyish on in his tenure at Rebellion?
  9. The earliest Jane name change record seems to be this from Alive 9 in 2004, here he refers to going to a diner in sunnyvale with the Tramiels and @Yak. Jeff did you ever actually meet Jane?
  10. Andrew John Whittaker was Jane's birth name. Perceptions entered liquidation 28th Feb 1997.
  11. Jane endorsed both the RetroGamer and GamesTM magazine interviews recently. No mention of any press inaccuracy.
  12. Could certainly be an angle to use, however he would need to name the publicist to spin that. Big Games Machine handled the PR for Whittaker's keystone games incarnation, however they later cut all ties with Jane. Jane's professional CV contains all these wild claims too, as does his LinkedIn profile (or did, I've not checked it recently). Seems to me Jane can claim he was misquoted or whatever by the press all he likes, but he made the same claims in his CV and that'll be somewhat more problematic legally?
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