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  1. If it's anything like their 2012 released game "Circus World" I don't think people will be to pleased with what the 5 time programmer of the year can achieve.
  2. Whittaker always flaunts the sock thing, they would send random pictures in private chats to employee's and others including myself with a message asking "How do I look" it was a very awkward position to be in, and only after digging into Janes past it was clear it was more of a fetish then anything else.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm the person who spoke to Sam, Sam confirmed he never went to Hull to collect a 16 year old Jane nor did they adopt Jane, and Jane never lived with them. I'm also the same person who spoke to Stealey and other's, I seem to be doing the job the "journalists" didn't do.
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