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  1. After opening all my ballpoint pens 😀 They all have a diameter of 4-5mm and are therefore too thick. They don't fit into the holes. I ordered some in China, with the dimensions, but they won't arrive until December! I´ve took another photo from the keyboard with the spring holes. Bye Markus
  2. Ah, i´ve found the springs for the Atari XE (65XE, 800XE, 130XE) on ebay - these doesn´t fit. But thanks. Bye Markus
  3. Hi, maybe ... here a photo of the springs. They´ve a 2mm diameter and are 15mm long. Bye Markus
  4. Hi, I've lost one of the keyboard springs from a type 4 keyboard (heavy metal plate). Have anyone a spare spring or have a source where these springs can be ordered? Thanks. Bye Markus
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