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  1. Hi. Congratulations for your games. I would like to sugest , instead mobile games, maybe you can port some arcade classic, like Berzerk for instance.


    1. Senile Data Systems

      Senile Data Systems

      Good idea, I'll put it on the list. My next game up would have been Wizard of Wor. Berzerk is probably easier, maybe I do that first.

      Just don't expect me to do anything, I do stuff when I have time (good joke) and when I feel like it.


      Someone once suggested I should port Qix.
      (checks hardware specs) - How about no?

      (Amidar looks doable - until you realize that you can either fill all of the background generator squares per line or none - you can't fill single squares)


      Btw. when it comes to fun factor, I think Flappy Bird is one of the worst games on the system (and there are quite some stinkers).

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