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  1. Lucky Man


    Alright. I was hoping you had just forgotten to post it. Thanks.
  2. Lucky Man


    CJ, I was just downloading all of these ST roms to my GameDrive and I noticed this one was missing. Any particular reason why it's not listed in the ST ports thread?
  3. Sorry, but I was mistaken. My controller is the problem, not your game. I tried a different controller and had no problem lining up with the column I wanted to put them in. I apologize that you had to spend time tweaking this because of my mistake when you could be making more great games for us to play!
  4. I think the left-right movement is still a little too touchy. I'm having difficulty lining up the gems up with the row I want to put them in. And I think my controllers are in pretty good condition. I haven't noticed a control problem on any other games.
  5. I really appreciate all of these new games you've been creating. This one could be fun, but I find the control much too touchy with a standard controller.
  6. Yes, I got the same thing occasionally when playing on the Atarimax as well. Fun game though.
  7. It's Popcorn by Hot Butter. My mother had it on a 45 when I was a kid. I still love that song! Here's a fan made video of it on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyTlars-V1Y
  8. Looks like Panda - Space Canyon https://www.atariage.com/software_page.php?SoftwareLabelID=454
  9. Three year bump! I happened to be playing Gopher and noticed I was sometimes having the same problem catching the gophers when they run out of the hole as I did when I tested your hack. It seems you have to hit them just right to stop them. If you're a little off, they just keep running. So I guess I was wrong about this... your hack works as well as the original game and is a nice addition to my Halloween-themed games. Thanks!
  10. Hey Wiz, I haven't been able to check the forums until now. Sorry to hear about all of these health problems you're having. I wish you all the best on a speedy recovery. Take Care, Lucky Man
  11. Well 15 years later, Thomas Jentzsch has stabilized this later prototype of the game so it doesn't roll on a good ol' CRT. Thanks Thomas! Dumbo's Flying Circus (07-11-1983) (Fix V0.2).bin
  12. Purchased a Cuttle Cart CD set from Marc. Very easy transaction. Highest recommendations!
  13. Added Firefox to the movie list. I just noticed that game title was updated on Atariprotos a while back. Thanks Tempest!
  14. Great interview! Thank you for sharing that! I had many discussions with Thomas when we were trying to get all of the NTSC conversions finished. Even though he's a very busy guy, he was always very nice and went above and beyond working on converting the games... even the lousy ones! I also own most of his homebrew games on cartridge. I'm in absolute awe of his programming abilities. Really awesome stuff!
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