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    Lucky Man

  2. *Bonus conversion!* Thomas has reduced the scanline count on Zoo Fun which worked on some TV's, but rolled on others. Thanks again Thomas! Pumuckl I (Zoo Fun) (1983) (ITT Family Games) (NTSC).bin
  3. I just got a CC2 last year and added all of the 7800 games to it, but I recently decided to go ahead and add the 2600 games, too. I got everything working except Zippy the Porcupine. Does anyone know what bankswitch and startup codes to use for that game? I tried Megaboy and a couple others, but still can't get it to work.
  4. No, the joyboard works just like a joystick. It's Mogul Maniac that inverts the commands to simulate the way real skis work when you lean left and right. You can swap those directions back to normal by changing the color/B&W switch to B&W.
  5. Dwane, I want to thank you again for figuring out what was wrong with the diagonal control on this game. For some reason, I'm partial to the colors in the Taiwan hack, Hole Hunter, so I asked Omegamatrix to implement your fix to that one and here it is! Hole Hunter (Diagonal Fix).bin
  6. Okay, we've finally done it! Here's the last game, Words-Attack! Brought to you by Omegamatrix. Thank you, sir! (Note: To reduce the scanline count it was necessary to eliminate the boxes at the top of the screen which are used for the letters, lives and score of the 2nd player that you can choose by moving the right difficulty switch to A. So this conversion is just for 1 player.) So unless someone finds another obsure PAL game we've never heard of, we're done! Thanks for all of your help with these everyone! WordsAttack(2018_05_27).zip EDIT: Attached updated rom that fixes 2nd player boxes. Yay!
  7. *Bump* Auctions end tonight. Thanks!
  8. You load them separately like different games. They're not connected like the other multi-load Starpath games that require you to beat the level before it will load the next game section.
  9. And here are the paddle games: Astroblast Bachelor Party Bachelorette Party Backgammon Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em Blackjack Breakout Bugs Bumper Bash Canyon Bomber Casino Circus Atari Demons To Diamonds Eggomania Encounter at L-5 Fireball G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike Guardian Kaboom! Music Machine Night Driver Party Mix Philly Flasher Picnic Piece 'O Cake Secret Agent Solar Storm Star Wars: Jedi Arena Stunt Cycle Super Breakout Tac-Scan Video Olympics Warlords Warplock
  10. For use on the Harmony cart, the 3 Party Mix loads are separate bins. Escape from the Mindmaster, Dragonstomper and Survival Island are combined into single multi-load bins. I'm sure I got the roms for these somewhere in the Forum, but let me know if you need them.
  11. Okay, I added Canada shipping for the rarer 2600 games so you should be able to see those listings now. Although I chose Priority Mail for the boxed and more expensive games, which I'm sure won't be cheap. Anyway, thanks for your help guys!
  12. I think the problem is that I didn't add Canada as a shipping destination so some of you can't even see the listings. I will fix that tonight. Thanks!
  13. I have some rare 2600 games and some others for auction on eBay including K-Tel Vision Spider Maze and Vulture Attack, a Brazilian 32 game multi-cart and a Texas Chainsaw Massacre Alternate Version repro. https://www.ebay.com/sch/luck_e_4u/m.html?item=222982645869&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESCX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Thanks for looking!
  14. Here's a good AtariAge blog post about this very thing... http://atariage.com/forums/blog/279/entry-5704-how-many-atari-2600-games-are-there-answer-470/
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