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  1. Here is the continuity report. I number the din pin from left to right based on the picture 1 - brown right 2 - red right 3 - orange right 4 - no continuity found 5 - black left Does it sound about right to you? is there a different purpose of for the 2 serial ports as they do not seem map the same way with the din?
  2. Thx … still need to search for potential source. Ideally figuring out the actual blitter reference for my board … one other aspect is the keyboard. My mega st has probably still a French tos (and I would be happy to keep it that way) but finding a French keyboard seems a bit of a challenge. I find more solutions in German/English… Was the mega st more flexible from that aspect (eg you can setup the keyboard layout in settings) or you have to install the matching rom? Just curious as probably the easiest road would be to adapt a German/English keyboard to be French…. (Re-reading this sentence make me laughing to death taken out of its context )
  3. Ok what is the blitter ref? Is blitter = math co processor? i found this Motorola mc 68882 fn25 fpu 25 mhz processor atari mega ste, falcon, amiga, apple
  4. Thx both - I am not missing tos chips? What are the 4 slots empty for? - what is the role of the blitter chip? main idea is to recreate a music creation station with monochrome screen … not necessary gaming.
  5. Hi i first wanted a 1040ste but ending up getting a mega ste 4! few questions/remarks - is it so the metal plate below the motherboard is soldered at the midi/video level? - some rust on the back plate - of course battery leakage but fortunately did not damage motherboard … wires were actually cut. What is the role of those batteries? Keeping time and bios settings? - screenshot from the seller shows red background. What does it mean? - anything wrong/missing on my motherboard? waiting for my rgb cable …
  6. Should be possible to at least identify color wire cables continuity at this level … unless some connections include “logical gate” which activate only with power. Sorry if I say dummy things … still need to upgrade massively my basic electronic knowledge!
  7. Ideally I would like to use this keyboard to master a mega ST4 I am restoring. Any adapter available din5=>6pinRJ12 normal Mega connection? I can also make one but would need schema for connection Found a compiled information here but not coverring the standard 5pinDin connection https://www.exxoshost.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1346
  8. Interesting! Never heard before of “desktopper”…
  9. The din 5 pin matches physically the midi port … but must be something else. any record of Atari keyboard having 5 pin din connector? i first thought some kind of AV connection like on 8 bits series but must get the power from somewhere 🤔
  10. I was indeed thinking about a prototype for the same reasons! The round/din connection next to mouse/joystick port has 5 pins and a cable extender was included. I wonder what it could be for? I need to dismantle the keyboard to see what is on the back … maybe a surprise!
  11. Do you remember if the keyboard was separated? the few 260st I have seen were “all-in-one”
  12. Hi has anyone any idea what this is? I did not yet dismantle it fully but did not find much yet … seems only the keyboard !? from eBay Germany… i have never heard of a 260st with a separated keyboard. It does not look either as a mega st/ste keyboard from what I understand the connection on the back …🤔
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