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  1. I was wondering if there are any free programs to make chiptune music either new or maybe an old abandoned program from yesteryears. I am thinking Midway early 90's arcade, Sega model 2 or model 3, Amiga, or maybe even Jaguar or Namco Tekken 1 arcade machine type chip tune music. What kind of programs do you recommend to make comparable chip tune music? I can only find maybe C64 or NES level programs but I need much more than that. Something not a pain to set up too, but maybe that's asking too much lets do one at a time haha.
  2. So was toshinden but Tekken had a better budget and more FMV.
  3. This never really happened, as explained above Atari was going for 3 step strategy in each region except Japan where they had only two 7800 was never there to gain ground in Europe, the XE game machine was. 7800 was there for extra money, 2600 was entry step, XE was the big one and it did its job expand interest in 8bit computer for a few years longer. XE machines were mostly made from parts of unsold XL and XE parts they did produce a small original batch but most shipments were those, by 1990 production stopped and all was left were leftover unsold inventory, idea was to move console players to computer because of computer domination. XE TV console would have been more successful if they continued but they ended up gaining more out of computers. Remember goal was for Europe to get computer Atari to profitability and it did. In US 8bit line was niche and couldn't be revived XE TV machine just took over from XE computers in the dying 8bit market sans c64. Instead ST was surprise and ended up reviving Atari computers in USA. 7800 and 2600 Junior model nice success in US also, so they aim for two markets instead of one like Europe. Honest truth is Atari was never in position to challenge the C64 in anything when it came out other than games - which was a no go in the US because consoles much cheaper and popular, and in Europe most game players had cheaper machines that parent also use for the education as well as games. Even with no sale, C64 would have been dominant platform for game devs, even in US C64 was ahead. By early 1984 Atari 8bit was really nowhere it sell less than 1.5 million units world wide. Nothing they could do to find the spark imo, they had nice computers and good advantages over many other companies but they never took off. Sad but truth. Best sales periiod for Atari 8bit computers was most likely when they were in US setting fire to prices, C64 was selling well before that even happened out the gate. With that they did maybe 10 to 1 what Atari did. What you going to do? They tried everything. Tramiel did better job for a short time only but that was only time Atari computer was viable competition. I think Atari was doomed from the start, never make money, most competitors sold better out the gate, and by time of 84 Atari managed only over 1 million in over 5 years, I don't think there was anything they could do even with price cut it only gave slight nudge. Never not just market leader but they were not even number 2 and for many years not even number 3.
  4. Or Sears which already make their own 2600 and publish their own games, they understood how industry worked. Bally Williams also big contender.
  5. Wasn't just Commodore, when Commodore started to fail and end was nigh, Commodore and Amiga was split over the fight. People pass Commodore brand around like prostitute while Amiga was grabbed by Gateway PC which in turn was brought by Dell?P? forgot.
  6. I had Jaguar and lots of promised games were coming. But no games were out when I brought it I got it waiting and waiting. One year later I have Jaguar and no games. One game come out finally it is some cartoon game with some armless guy right out of the Mega Drive. I thought this was supposed to be 3D system, so I go to the local game shop trade in for 32X and 3 games including Virtua Fighter, Mortal Kombat 2, and Primal Rage fighters bundle. Only a couple years later I get Jaguar again and games on clearance rack, I find out there were some nice games and 3D games I missed but honestly I would still prefer 32X ended up with 20 games for it in the end, It also sold more than Jaguar by two times if I remember.
  7. Bosconian. Of these three it's funny it's like asking if someone likes Pacman or Super pacman or Pacman Junior and everyone going to pick Pacman just like everyone will pick Galaga. Namco is known for one hit wonder series, mspacman would be exception but it was not made by namco and don't count. Poleposition wasn't that good but was popular for time, Poleposition II hot garbage. Pacman fever put people in hospital, Super pacman put them in the grave. Dig Dug was nice for the time, DigDug 2 I don't even know what they were smoking. Galaga was classic, the others hahahaha no. Rally X was a neat idea, New Rally X crash and burned off road. Mappy a great classic, Mappy Land was something but I don't know what it was. Druaga was a bad game, Return to Ishtar even worse game. Steel Gunner was impressive, Steel Gunner 2 was oppressive, to your intelligence. Namco sometimes hit it out on the first date, but then he hurts her and she leave now. I mean these are just classic titles it continues with modern titles, something wrong with Namco and follow-ups. Big exception is Tekken. Soul Calibur debatable.
  8. Very interesting! You use rpg maker to make this? What program?
  9. I use the water protection CD cases for many many years now, since many cd consoles use standard jewel case I brough them for each one just in case. There are also DVD box size versions supposed to keep water out as well as other problems. I use electronic safe seal containers, the kind that dont have heavy dust and are hard to knock open even if you hit the ground with it. After a major hurricane long ago I do all this. Now it's hard to find the CD and DVD box case protection as few sell it but you may find something online.
  10. I did more research on Nolan Bush. Before buyout he had been at odds with staff and he usually wasn't much of a good decision maker himself combine that with his personality and I think now it was a good idea to sell Atari. I think mistake was selling to Warner they did not understand any of the electronic markets they were involved with they were at best movie and film company and for a time arguably telecom. 2600 shot to success the big part being post asteroids 1979, but from there they had no idea what to do and they brought in computers but never had a plan to make money, they never did much market research they did not know what people want or not want and they never had a software strategy to bring in revenue. I'm wondering who would be a better company to sell it to. And you know who was big at the time, also was a major retailer and made their own products and had good brands, had great mindshare & plenty of financial backing, and for another 10-15 years was among most competent companies in the country and no one thought they could be beat, and even interacted and produced their own version of Atari console systems, and would have been much better company to sell to than warner? Sears. Case dismissed.
  11. Atari never intended for Europe the 7800 to be a contender, just extra side dish for money. That is why it was quickly replaced in stores by XE game system to extend 8bitline and give upgrade path to ST for 8bit users and maybe get 2600 users also to upgrade to XE or to ST. The European computer market was pretty huge for many things including games and Atari took notice, computers in Europe and certain countries in Mesopotamia and Africa, some south asia, and the rest all consoles. In computer areas the 8-bit series was the first step at a cheap price, XE and XL for the more sophisticated, ST for those ready for next generation. XE for those that want easy TV XE and to get console players to computers. In console areas 2600 Junior model is first step machine, then you have 7800 as the main machine with XE as a bridge machine to get some consoles to move to computers or to have a nice console with nice library of games that console generally missed out. Atari marketing plan was always in 3's for "multi-demographic targeting" because it was expected this approach would sell more machines and push more in peoples homes because each age would be covered so someone would buy at least one if not more of these machines. This did seem to work but Sam was not potty trained and broke the plan. Killed everything but dead cat bounce Jaguar. amazing.
  12. Yes truth, which is why I am confused people try charging for them on phone store.
  13. Startropics 2 Mega Man V Clash at Demonhead Trojan Burai Fighter Twin Eagle Revenge Joe brothers Shadow of the ninja Vice Project Doom Shatterhand Dynatron city defenders Rush n attack Heavy Barrel Narc Rygar Castlevania xexyz Astyanax Castlevania 3 Dracula Isolated Warrior Many hidden gems.
  14. Where is the love for Fighters Megamix in here? Clearly better than VF or VF2 to me. Makes fighting vipers characters appear in playable game. lol
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