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  1. I know this is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I wouldn't compare a family console to two of the ultimate products of the hype culture.
  2. I mean, it's only natural that EWJ4 had a rough time: EWJ was relatively niche to begin with, and failed miserably when it tried the technological jump into 3D. Positioning has been HARD ever since, all it left as legacy was a bit of nostalgia for the first chapter (while "pure" side-scrolling platformers were in decline). All in all, Amico may actually be the right ecosystem to bring it back, since it would struggle elsewhere. I'm also not against the idea of revamping the gameplay, although I'd hope to see something a bit more fleshed out compared to the launch games. Unfortunately, this is I suspect the main reason why development is delayed: being a more expensive game, IE is waiting to see how sales go before investing in it. It's pretty reasonable, to be fair.
  3. Hopefully preproduction already started on EWJ. While sidescrollers are relatively quick to develop, good preproduction is often what makes the difference between a fun concept and a boring one.
  4. As I said, I think they should've avoided it. It really sounds like another "missed date" despite not being one, officially. Still, I think it's a pretty minor issue compared to how they handled it in the past, and they were definitely pressed into saying something. A few hardcore fans still believing the improbable will be disappointed though... Unless they pull out a miracle for the founders editions.
  5. I understand the snark, but to be fair Christmas 2021 has never been an official date. They probably should've avoided mentioning it to begin with.
  6. LeapTV, which also has motion controls and camera. Unironically I think it's the closest thing on the market to the Amico, minus the "for everyone" and retro targets (it's mainly for children).
  7. Flash storage lifespan depends more on write cycles than actual age, and they are FAR more robust than CDs. Still have all my DS cartridges alive and kickin'. There can be faulty ones, but that has more to do with specific cases than a generalised problem. Switch ones don't even have to store save files, meaning they'll probably last even longer. Most estimates are in the 20-50 years range, preserved in favourable conditions. Definitely more than any console-dedicated server.
  8. I second that, which was my main qualm about it. Hopefully they'll learn from these incomprehensions... Not that I think their proposed main target will care all that much about this specific problem, it's more for the sake of transparency.
  9. Any sort of physical media containing the game, not a key to a download. That's why I like physical games: because you physically have them. That's also why I hate physical games unplayable without patches, or tied to servers for functioning. Still, it's not a deal breaker for me, I just won't get the "physical media". I'm ok-ish with digital, especially for cheap games.
  10. I can tell you that there would be retaliation for ANY company confirming "physical games" and then delivering download codes in a box (in whatever form). It's not the first time that happened, and people have never been happy about it. I don't think the absence of cartridges is necessarily a deal breaker for Amico, but they do have to improve their communication skills. It can't be all "haters" misinforming around (in fact, stopping constantly talking about haters would be one of the first improvements). For a matter of fact I'm a fan of the project, and I still think all these things, instead of being clarified later, should be avoided with clearer statements to begin with. "Haters" thrive in confusion, if things are all clear and positive they stay a loud/annoying minority.
  11. The original Intellivision was meant as a high-tech console from a big company to surpass the competition. Amico is exactly the opposite in that regard: a fun little console from a small company which doesn't want to compete directly with the big ones. It's not really a fair comparison... (not counting that one of the main reasons why the original one didn't really beat the competition was exactly the inflated pricetag). That said, I think the reasons why the price for the Amico increased are understandable. They don't have the resources to minimise the costs, as of now. I still think that announcing a certain price range and then almost doubling the final one hasn't done the Amico any PR favour. TT himself regretted it. He says though that the current price is still well received among families. I don't know, it certainly feels high for this kind of product from a gamer standpoint. Time will tell, I guess. Hopefully, if sales at launch are good, it will drop in price soon enough. I can't justify spending 270€ for it before launch, but I'd be surely interested under 200 once on the market.
  12. I don't think we ever got a precise list of the next games to be revealed? I may be wrong. But yeah, we already saw glimpse of the game, it'd be great to have a fully fledged trailer soon.
  13. I don't think there's any conspiracy, it's just that it's not all that convenient for Amico developers to do devlogs. The games are simple, and it's clear they don't want to show much until trailers or demos are complete. Most devlogs I know are from crowdfunded games with beta access. Games coming out fully developed don't get disclosed as often before release. I can see the transparency value in devlogging about the Amico, but it's one way to look at it. I think it's fair to show the games when they think they'll have the most appeal to the public. Certainly, there's an urgent need for more in-depth trailers about more games.
  14. We should see more to get an idea. The whole point of Ecco was the crazy writing. The game itself wasn't particularly great, but the writing (and sound design) made it a somewhat niche icon. While I've little doubt that the game will sound great, we'll have to see about what kind of story it wants to tell. Hopefully it'll develop its weirdness, without sacrificing the story in favour of a full, simplified couch co-op experience. I'm definitely interested.
  15. Is Untitled Goose Game too complex for Amico? A 4 players version would be absolutely hilarious
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