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  1. It's very sad news. I sometimes think about me dying. I am also reminded of an old Roseanne episode. "Harleys never die... just the owners" from "Roseanne" Born to Be Wild (TV Episode 1990) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kIXRHcIP0Q By okidokivideos Length = 1:26
  2. Did you wipe with copper wool? The biggest PITA is that it is very hard to open the Atari cartridges. I gave up on some of them.
  3. Yes, the controller port of controller 1 had a problem long ago when I had the Gemini for a few years (1985?). I think since we insert and remove the controller often, it flexes and develops a crack in the metal. This was fixed. Port 2 is fine since I never used it.
  4. I would have to see if there is a better cable and that adapter at my thrift store or electronics store. I did a temporary connection with a cable TV coax cable. The image looks pretty clean. Woohoo!
  5. I tried the original Coleco switch + AV cable since somehow I misplaced the original RF cable. I don't know what the internal of the AV cable is like. I think the AV cable is 3 mm to 4 mm in thickness. For the NES and Sega Genesis switcher thing, the RF cable is integrated. I think they are 3 mm diameter.
  6. Is that just a connection (just a conductor) or is there a resistor or a circuit inside?
  7. Does anybody here have Coleco Gemini? I am doing some maintenance work on mine. The original TV to Game switch thing seems to produce a very noisy picture. 80% of the dots are randomly white so I can’t see anything. I tried with a NES switcher but it is still way too noisy. I tried with a SEGA Genesis switcher but it is still way too noisy.
  8. I see. I didn't know that product existed from SEGA. I guess you have made an equivalent version of it with similar chips. I assume the SEGA CD device can somehow identify that this card is inserted and copy the entire RAM to this cartridge. Is there a way to save standard SEGA Genesis/mastersystem games to something? Is there a way to save NES games to something? As a kid, I use to set a game on pause and leave the NES "ON" for hours, until I came back. I got tired after playing it for 2 -3 hours.
  9. What's this? Is it a DRAM chip and it needs electricity to keep its memory? Also, you need something to write the game binary to the RAM chip?
  10. Your mom bought it when she was a teen?
  11. Mine is Serial = 020027820 I bought it Thursday, Mar 25, 2021 on ebay, from Quebec.
  12. I remember wanting Night Rider back then. It was one of the few games that used the wheel thingy that my Coleco Gemini had. I took a look at Star Raiders on youtube. It looks great. The sound effects are like Solaris. What is the keypad controller for? 100 € is a good deal. Mostly, they are 10$, 15$, 20$ in Canada. A few are +60$.
  13. That looks like a 15 inch TV. I have something like that and it is made by Sharp. The picture quality, the sharpness is very good. You can go into the menu and adjust sharpness.
  14. I tinned 2 games. It is difficult to keep an even layer but I think it isn’t a problem since on the console side of things, the contacts are springy. I figure that Sn60Pb40 has no value. It doesn’t matter if it gets micro scratches over time and then, I could just retin it. If these contacts (on the original games) are gold plated, I don’t know why they oxidize. Maybe the gold content is too low. If anyone has information on it, I would be swell. I remember as a kid, we had plenty of problems with NES games. We always had to blow in it, remove and reinsert the game..... That was at a time when I had the game cartridge for 2 or 3 y. I bought a game some months ago. It doesn’t work. Sandpapering it fixed it. I looked at the MSDS sheet for Deoxit but it lists it as a trade secret. I would like to know if it reduces the oxide back to metal.
  15. You mean, something like a conductive ink? https://caig.com/conductive-compounds-coatings/
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