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  1. Yeah, it's white. Sadly, when I tested it, one of the keys is stuck. There are some INTV games. Correct me if I'm wrong..I'm still not that well versed in the later games. Thunder Castle, Chip Shot, Thin Ice, and also Hover Force and Super Pro Football w/o the box.
  2. Thanks, well this drew my attention as I didn't even know it existed. Otherwise, the games I had as a child caught my attention most (Lock 'n' Chase, Night Stalker, Astrosmash, AD&D games, etc) for obvious nostalagic reasons. There were 65 games in all, so there were definitely some I never had..or heard of.
  3. Oh nice, thanks for the info. That's about it as far as the non-game stuff (besides a few original receipts).
  4. Wow, that must have been just listed? Bizarre coincidence, I've checked on eBay the past few weeks to see if any others were floating around. Maybe someone lurking on here saw your post and listed them? hah
  5. Hey, I'm new posting on here. I thought I'd share a few things I picked up in a huge Intellivison collection I acquired. I haven't seen these before. Even though I was an Intellivision kid, I was probably too young to be a part of the fan club or mailing list. I always liked the artwork of Burgertime.
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