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  1. Dungeon Master in French 😱 great release many thanks i'll test it soon !!!
  2. May you mean BATFR.ZIP (instead of BAT2FR.ZIP => 404 Not Found with BAT 2 French (https://atari.8bitchip.info/SCRSH/bat2.html)).
  3. Thank you very much @ParanoidLittleMan, it runs perfect !!! I will continue to test it
  4. I can only test with Steem : Don't know if it can help but i tested with steem + short TOS name (by example "tos106uk.img"), but when i choose long one ("TOS v1.06 (1989)(Atari Corp)(STE)(UK).img") all run fine, but i could be other steem trouble. So i think the same thing as you may be tos is ram is not in english, sorry i don't have any UK tos. 1 Steem__011.bmp
  5. Hi @ParanoidLittleMan, firt bug i encounter is in the restrooms, txt are not well shown, i don't know if you can correct it ? thx
  6. Thannnnnnkkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu'''''''''''''rrrrrrrrrrrr the best Peeeeeeeteeeeeerrrr ze master ultimate kiiiiiiiiiiiiing my eternal gratiiiiiiituuuuuude you've just done the dream of my life and many atari french men ! just remembering ubi soft dev team signing my bat physical edition when i was 11 (in 1985) and now 37 years later i can run it with the same 1040 ste (but with ultra satan). I will play it until the end of course, Peter president of the wooooorld !!!!! thxxxxxxxxxxx Kisses from Paris/France
  7. @ParanoidLittleMan Here are French .st files (same version as you used with YM (AY) music playback) with french language and uncensored version (cause french 😁) B.A.T. (FR avec Musiques)(1989)(UBI Soft)(Disk 1 of 3).st B.A.T. (FR avec Musiques)(1989)(UBI Soft)(Disk 2 of 3).st B.A.T. (FR avec Musiques)(1989)(UBI Soft)(Disk 3 of 3).st
  8. BAT seems running fine, change disk is also perfect
  9. Thx @ParanoidLittleMan you're definitly the king !
  10. Hi, I trIed BAT but i am not able stat the game (creation appear with 1040 STE), you need to go always ahead and it will ask you Disk 3 Would be great if you could release it also in French ! Could you share YM music files please ? Thx for your hard work Peter.
  11. FuturMarvellous 😱 I'll test it tomorrow, many thanks to you for this incredible work !!!! Edit : test in progress since this afternoon, works fine no problem until now (50% of the game done i think) THX @ParanoidLittleMan ! #champion
  12. Marvellous 😱 I'll test it tomorrow, many thanks to you for this incredible work !!!!
  13. @ParanoidLittleMan thank you very much for your reply and hard work
  14. Already have it, but i'm looking for an HDD version (copy/paste doesn't work for DMA).
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