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  1. I'm looking for stickers/decals as well... actually, I'd prefer high-res scans or vector recreations that I can print on my own... for both PacMan and Galaxian. I recently was gifted 3 tabletops and PacMan has a cracked board. Someone soldered jumpers and I'm cleaning up the corroded battery contacts (which I also need if someone can find a decent source) so I can power it up and see if it works.
  2. That Geocities (ha!) site is all ad and popup covered now... anyone have luck on finding the CD (or maybe a repository of the files)? I have 2 Coleco tabletop arcades I'd love to re-sticker (b/c they've mostly fallen off - PacMan and Galaxian). I can scan and retouch but am pretty sure other have already done the work.
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