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  1. I've scoured the Google and Google Books for these keywords: atari, helicopter, tunnels, flood
  2. I am carefully checking each of your suggestions! Android Attack looks like a Beserk clone.
  3. no... but thanks for your persistence The helicopter sprite in the game I remember I'm pretty sure looked very much like the one I drew in my mockup. Simple and white. It wasn't a heli-pack guy. I've also tried scrolling through lots of random game screenshots to see if I recognize it. I'll keep looking and report back if I ever solve this mystery!
  4. Yes, maybe an amateur game downloaded from a BBS. I wrote some of those, and the lesser ones are now lost - having never made the leap from BBS to the internet. With two-way vertical scrolling I wouldn't think it was a type-in BASIC game. Thanks everyone for all the ideas, though!
  5. (The internets tell me that 2nd image .mad. posted is called "O'Riley's Mine". https://www.myabandonware.com/game/o-riley-s-mine-5n7) But, nope... none of these are quite right The helicopter looked very much like the one in Lava Run - except I remember it being white, and the tunnels more like O'Riley's Mine. It was a kind of slow-moving, almost peaceful game. I'm thinking it must have been pretty obscure!
  6. OK, thank you for all the great ideas! I googled them up, but we haven't found the right game yet. Let me try drawing a crude mock up from my 40-year-old memories... My image here shows the whole playfield, but in actual play only about ⅓ of this is shown as the screen scrolls (vertically only I think). The helicopter sprite was very small, like I've shown. The top blade was animated, with a left & right motion. I can't remember if the flooding was water or lava. It would slowly fill upwards from the bottom as a means of time pressure to complete your task (whatever that task was). There was some kind of "shhhhhhhhhh" sound when the flooding as happening. Any other ideas?
  7. I spent some long hours playing a game on my friend's Atari 800: A vertical-scrolling game where you fly a little (small sprite) helicopter down into some underground tunnels. Eventually the tunnels start flooding with water, and you have to get back up and out in time. Anyone else remember what this game was called?
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