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  1. The first "good" video game movie I remember seeing was the first Mortal Kombat movie, many years ago. Also, although it's not technically a "video game movie" in the regular sense of the word, I had a blast watching "Scott Pilgrim vs the World" in an actual movie theater.
  2. That wasn't my main gripe with the N64 controller. My problem was that darn Z trigger button under the controller. It was so sensitive that the slightest touch was registered, and I'm hardly exagerating. Wasn't it an analogue trigger button? I forget... Anyway, moving the central thumbstick without "accidentally" tapping the Z trigger was pretty hard, especially in the heat of the action. That was my experience with Mario 64, at least.
  3. Don't forget the awful controller. I gave up on Mario 64 at one point just because of that, and I'm not even talking about the controller breaking or anything, just being a pain to use.
  4. It means "We're desperate to get you interested in our little niche product. Look! It's Atariiiiii! How could this possibly go wrong?!?"
  5. I see. Well then, it all comes down to your definition of "better". If "better" means "more advantageous", then emulation will always win as long as emulators keep being released and updated, since they can then outlive the real hardware. If "better" relates more to the gameplay experience, then aside from a sharper picture, it mostly comes down to the quality of the controller you're using to play a game under emulation.
  6. If emulation of a system is better than the real thing, why wouldn't I want to admit it?
  7. Also permanently sold out.
  8. Not a bit OT, more like completely OT. You should create a new thread for this.
  9. True, but then those who have the "aluminum version" with the analog video circuitry may try to sell their console to those who want to play the NT Mini on their CRT. So the demand for the DAC may not increase tremendously. I agree dropping the analog output is something they should do, and with a plastic enclosure, it would be easy to differentiate the two models.
  10. Does that mean we'll all turn digital?
  11. Well, if they do go ahead with it, it will be interesting to see if they will use aluminum enclosures again, or go through the trouble of doing a similarly-shaped plastic enclosure. The electronics should remain the same.
  12. Who is Jonie? If he/she is just an online receptionist of sorts, then he/she is just replying with the same form-letter response that he/she has been using for the last several months. Just because the petition target was reached, it doesn't mean that the decision-makers at Analogue are going to organize an emergency meeting in the middle of the night in order to plan a new run of NT Minis in all deliberate speed. They're currently busy with the Analogue Pocket, and there's no reason to think they're going to split resources to multitask two parallel projects. I would tend to think that if the Analogue 8 is a version of the Zimba 3000 with cartridge adaptors, then this petition only served to demonstrate that there would be a definite interest in an NES (and maybe Famicom) cart adaptor.
  13. Quick update about this and that: 1) I added Monaco GP and Asteroids to teampixelboy.com. 2) Monaco GP has been ported by Mystery Man and has entered the beta-testing phase. No word yet on when he will tackle Asteroids, but I'm currently working on the design document of the game, and this document will be ready when Mystery Man's busy schedule clears up enough for him to work on the project. 3) I received an Asteroids Controller from doubledown earlier this week, which will be used to test Asteroids once the software will have been completed. I love the weight of the controller, not too heavy, not too light, when sitting on my lap. And the buttons feel good too. It feels just right! Two thumbs up to doubledown! That's all for now.
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