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  1. If I remember correctly, the ColecoVision core in the Phoenix has an extension for an advanced audio chip (can't remember the name, and I'm too lazy to check tonight). Can this special audio chip do speech without having to freeze the game to play speech samples? If so, it will make Berzerk even better.
  2. Try here instead: https://atariage.com/forums/forum/18-arcade-and-pinball/
  3. I look at that particular picture and all I see are rows of arcade cabinets. Am I the only one who thinks this way?
  4. Kewl. So no matter what happens with the dye issue, I should be able to purchase the 4 controllers I want.
  5. Quick question: Are all your ball knobs the same color? Do you need to paint knobs in black?
  6. The guy obviously never played Space Invaders, or Galaga. Mowing down armies of alien critters was so violent! Couldn't they have had diplomatic channel options in those games?! No wonder the aliens shoot back!
  7. Okay, sold. I'd like 4 such unpainted controllers (black controller with black ball knobs). Where do I sign up?
  8. I'd be interested in some of those, as the main controllers of my CollectorVision Phoenix system, once I receive it. Some questions: 1) Are the cords spirally or straight (like in the pics you posted)? 2) Can I assume the joystick will be fully refurbished? 3) What kind of warranty do you offer on these? 4) Would it be possible to buy black controllers with black knobs, with no painting at all? In other words, is the paint job a way to hide scratches and dust marks on your stock of controllers? Thanks.
  9. It comes down to how many people in the target market have a high-def screen. People with CRTs are a dying breed, and that's why many are interested in CRT-like scanline options on their modern TVs. Since modern TV makers tend to ditch the composite connectors, if you release a new game console with composite out, a lot of people out there will simply be unable to plug it into their TVs, so they won't bother buying it.
  10. Which is why it's called a prototype. Coleco probably didn't consider 100% compatibility with all ColecoVision games a priority, but they changed their minds at the last minute, mostly given that any third-party publisher could release a game that makes full use of the keypad (*cough* Apshai *cough*).
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