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  1. I vaguely recall there was an ADAM version of this game. Glad to see there's now a ColecoVision version.
  2. Uh... what? Putting the notion of BIOS overriding aside, all the SGM does is exactly what the ADAM does: It turns a range of addresses into available RAM. This range includes the 1K of RAM of the vanilla ColecoVision, as well as the "mirrored" range around that 1K. So in the end you get 24K of contiguous RAM instead of just 1K. You can extend this range to replace the Coleco BIOS, adding 8K for a total of 32K of RAM, so in that mode, anything in the total addressing range that is not cartridge memory (i.e. all addresses below 8000h) is RAM. Not sure what needs to be done to put the SGM in 32K mode, but when the user presses the reset button on the console, the BIOS automatically becomes available again so the system can reboot normally.
  3. Just a thought I had while looking at footage of Star Fox on YouTube earlier today. Seems to me like the Super FX chip could have rendered I, Robot without breaking a sweat.
  4. I have no doubt postal services are often to blame, but during my visits to my local post office (mainly to ship Team Pixelboy orders) I've seen packages from other people with horrible hand-writing on them. It can be so bad that I have to wonder if those packages ever make it to their destinations. It's no wonder postal services encourage the use of online forms for printing labels and customs forms, but such forms are not widely used yet.
  5. It's possible there's a labelling problem with the package, like a faulty barcode they're having problems with. What kind of label did you put on the shipping box? I usually put hand-written labels on all the packages I drop off at the post office, as a sort of backup label. As anyone who has received a package from me will attest, I have good handwriting and a good "original" label can help the postal service figure out their own processing errors.
  6. Gargoyle's Quest comes to mind. I'd love to see a remake of that one come to the Switch. With the Game Boy's hardware restrictions no longer an issue, Capcom could make the game longer and better in many ways, besides the obvious graphic overhaul. A Wario Land trilogy, with a colored remake of the Virtual Boy game as an unlockable surprise, would also be great on Switch. Should they remake the two Zelda Oracle games on the Switch using the same engine as the Link's Awakening remake? I think that would be super cool. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing a Castlevania GB trilogy remake on the Switch. Or better yet, arrange the levels from those games into a unified Metroidvania map. EDIT: Of course, there's always Mega Man, but for that series of video games, what I'd like to see on the Switch is a make-your-own-game product: The game gives you a list of ALL the Robot Masters from ALL the games, and you pick and choose up to 8 levels from that list, and after collecting all 8 weapons you tackle four randomly-generated Wily levels. I could go on and on about the details, but suffice it to say that'd be an awesome addition to the Switch library.
  7. I assume you mean for the ADAM. I'd like to see a barcode reader designed to be plugged into the expansion port. I suppose it could work on a ColecoVision console too.
  8. A ration gives you 5 Xblips.
  9. Yeah, you can get arrested and sued for non-consensual tickling.
  10. So essentially, you defeat your opponent by tickling him/her?
  11. It's essentially a handheld version of Coleco's Expansion Module #2 (steering wheel controller). It requires batteries, right?
  12. I can send you an official paper manual of the game if you want.
  13. To me, this was the result of a string of "logical" decisions that, at the time, didn't seem like a bad idea: - We want to make a family computer that does more than play games. - Okay, so what would this computer offer to a family in terms of useful features? - Well, they would probably need to type stuff, like they do with a typewriter. Students and parents alike tend to do that on a regular basis. - Good idea! Perhaps would could have a typewriter as the default program when you turn the computer on. - Yeah, but a computer can be much more than just a glorified typewriter. - Alright, so we'll include two modes, a typewriter mode and a word processor where you type first and print later. - This all sounds really good, but if you're going to have this kind of software as the default boot software, then shouldn't the computer come with a proper printer? - Well yeah, that's kind of an understatement, isn't it? Ha! Ha! - Is it also an understatement that the printer and the memory console will each have their own power supply blocks? - Ouch! No, wait, that's way too many wires, especially given that the ColecoVision will not be able to provide enough juice to power the custom tape drives. We need to simplify the design. - Well, since we want to include a printer in every box, how about we daisy-chain the power through the printer? That'd be one less power supply to worry about. - Splendid idea! Let's do that! - Umm... This printer is going to be big and loud. Are we sure we want to force everyone to use it? What if they want to use a different printer, like one of those newfangled dot matrix printers? - Sorry, I thought I heard noise. Did you say something? - (*Sigh*) Never mind...
  14. NOS power supplies seem like a no brainer at first glance, but since they've never been used since they were made over 30 years ago, I have to wonder if there are any components inside the power supply that can decay after all those years, rendering it an unreliable as a "used" one.
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