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  1. It's more likely to be a multi-console (using all the cores that Kev has already created) with cartridge adaptors, but it would only need a couple of USB ports (to plug in a keyboard and mouse) to make it possible to develop 8-bit computer cores for it.
  2. I see. So if not via MiSTer, it would have to be some other FPGA solution.
  3. I had a funny idea today: I know there's a PlayStation core in the works for the MiSTer. How interesting would it be to develop special cartridges that would contain enough data space to store an entire disc ISO, and use such cartridges instead of discs with a custom FPGA-based PlayStation console? I know that technically this can already be somewhat achieved with the PlayStation Classic via USB drives, but I'm just thinking it would be fun to have PlayStation cartridges that actually look like game carts, with proper cart labels and all that. Of course, I know no one will ever bother to do something like this, but it's fun to think about.
  4. A quick question to the club members, just out of curiosity: Did the secret game come in a printed box, with manual?
  5. Given that the Analogue Pocket will be open to other core developers, and that the Pocket's docking station will feature USB ports, I would think this will be the platform to create computer cores, although I'd say it wouldn't be a perfect fit since you'd need to keep the unit docked whenever you want to use a keyboard, and the Pocket will surely be used more as a "multi-handheld" portable gaming unit. If the Analogue 8 is another FPGA offering as most are expecting, it should also be open to core developers and feature USB ports. So that will be the proper device to develop computer cores on. But I'm just speculating at this point, of course.
  6. Somewhat off-topic, but the question of why Shadow Complex hasn't been re-released on the Switch crosses my mind regularly. There have been so many 2D and 2.5D Metroidvanias released on the Switch already, you'd think they'd get the lead out and dust off Shadow Complex. Heck, they re-released Jedi Knight II on the Switch recently, and they didn't bother modernizing the graphics all that much from the PC original.
  7. So we've reached December and no reveal of what the Analogue 8 is. Bah, no real problem there, they should concentrate on the Pocket for now, especially if they're serious about doing cores for the Lynx and NeoGeo Pocket. The Analogue 8 can wait.
  8. I recall that there's a special screw accessible via a hole under the console's casing, which lets you select the TV channel. Maybe turning this screw will help you clear things up. My memory is fuzzy, but I think you need a proper screwdriver for this.
  9. Yes, of course, but with the bosses of the Cossack levels, using the "correct" weapons made the fights extra boring, that's all I'm saying.
  10. Everyone can have his own favorite, but there's no denying MM4 had some problems. The grasshopper platforms and the swinging platforms in Bright Man's stage were original, but they were also quite stressful since a single mistake made you fall in spikes or a bottomless pit. Dust Man's stage wasn't too difficult, but going through the up-and-down crusher section took too long. Skull Man's level had several annoying little cheap shots with its enemy placements. Toad Man, Pharaoh Man and Drill Man's stages were rather boring. Ring Man and Dive Man's levels were kind of fun, but also felt empty and uninspired. The Cossack levels were okay, but all the bosses were absolute pushovers once you knew the correct weapon to use. The Wily levels is where the game really shined, IMHO. Also, I didn't like Mega Man's powered-up shot in that game. It looked ugly and it didn't pack much of a punch against tougher enemies. I'm glad they fixed that in Mega Man 5 and onward.
  11. I believe he's talking about Meteor Swarm, which is one of the games on the "Electronic Adventures' Classics" cartridge released by CollectorVision a while ago.
  12. I finally found some time tonight to try my two Phoenixes. The few carts I tried seem to work well, although Gauntlet didn't want to start without a couple of reset button presses (but it worked fine after it booted correctly). I also got some weird results playing Ghost on my AtariMax SD cart, with the game making weird sounds at boot, bugging out graphically at times and even crashing once or twice. I tried the same ROM of Ghost with the same AtariMax SD cart on my good ol' vanilla ColecoVision and saw no problems. I haven't updated the cores yet with the latest revisions, I'll do that tomorrow. I'd say this is a good product so far, but it should be expected that aging carts (or even more recent carts with some mileage on them) can have trouble running on the Phoenix. That's been my (limited) experience so far anyway.
  13. Hmmm... Just reading his comments, I can deduce that Tommy comes from a different place where gaming is concerned, and he has a different business philosophy (and a different approach to getting things done) than the homebrewers who hang around here. Associating his words to condescendance seems to me somewhat uncalled for.
  14. Your definition of "retro games" clearly differs from ours. What you're offering with the Amico is "retro-inspired" games. Nothing wrong with that, of course, and the Amico is clearly meant to cater to today's families as it should (because today's kids like flashy modern graphics) but the folks around these forums generally have a more strict definition of "retro-gaming", which begins with the look and feel (8-bit or 16-bit), and also involves working with decades-old hardware limitations (especially where homebrewing on old consoles is concerned). Best of luck to you.
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