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  1. Looking at this gameplay of Multiverse is a wonderful example of why it's important to read the manual before playing.
  2. Oh, that wasn't really necessary, but thanks anyway.
  3. Everything seems correct where Team Pixelboy titles is concerned, except that I'm not attached to Yars' Revenge anymore. That is now a CollectorVision project, and I have no idea what's happening with it at this point in time. Also, Dragonslayer IV is sadly a dropped project. A new Team Pixelboy News Bulletin is long overdue, but some things need to fall into place before I can post a full bulletin (I'm hoping Albert is reading this ). EDIT: By the way, have CollectorVision's Challenger and Vanguard been released?
  4. Um, what? No it doesn't. If you're talking about the jumping-over-bears bonus level, that uses magnified sprites, not the multicolor mode used by CPK Picture Show or Smurf P&P Workshop.
  5. The Atari Lynx is not 8-bit, and also, not many SG-1000 games were sold outside of Japan (Australia got many, but it didn't go much further than that geographically) so there's very little incentive to add an SG-1000 cartridge port to an FPGA console released mostly for the North-American market. But if we ignore the "portable system" thingy (which I think is not applicable here since Analogue has the other "Analogue Pocket" product trademark which is distinct from "Analogue 8") I see an interesting possibility: The Analogue 8 could be a very "cart-adapter-centric" system, where the base console doesn't have a cartridge port, but instead has a large expansion port on the side with lots of pins on it, into which one has to plug a cartridge adaptor in order to play a specific game cartridge. A single FPGA console like this could cover lots of systems, from Atari 2600 to Neo-Geo. In other words, the Analogue 8 could actually be the Zimba 3000.
  6. Somehow, I would be surprised if that were the case. I would tend to expect a multi-system with older classic 8-bit cartridge ports: Atari 2600/7800, ColecoVision and Intellivision, at the very least. The FPGA cores for these already exist (and Kev hasn't released his Inty core on any Analogue product so far, if I'm not mistaken) and it shouldn't take a very long time to develop the console hardware around them. However, the availability of controllers could be an issue. Could Analogue convince 8bitdo to create a custom DB9 joystick with a self-centering analog thumbstick and a 12-key keypad? That would fit the Intellivision and ColecoVision very well (2600 games that require a keypad like Star Raiders would also benefit) and even an Atari 5200 core would become possible, if only in jailbreak ROM-on-SD-card format. 8Bitdo already does controllers of all shapes and sizes, so one can dream, right? But I'm still clamoring for an FPGA GB/GBC/GBA console with a Super-NES controller port. That's what I really want to buy, personally. EDIT: It just occurred to me that the Analogue 8 could also be a multi-home-computer system, with a USB port to plug in a keyboard, and built-in cores for the Vic-20, C64, ZX Spectrum, MSX, Coleco ADAM, Coco 2, TRS-80, TI-99/4A, you name it. But somehow, I can't picture that selling really well...
  7. I played X2 quite a bit back in the day, and I remember the real cartridge game (played on a real Super-NES) had some slowdown with Serges and Violen. So the FPGA core is not necessarily to blame here.
  8. I certainly don't want to rain on anyone's parade here, but listening to the following live stream video, I've noticed that the SGM sound output is pretty weird. Anyone who has played Mecha-8 or Children of the Night on legacy hardware with the SGM will probably notice the difference immediately, just like I did. Was this the result of the hardware used to record this live stream? Or is SGM support in the Phoenix in actual need of some tweaking? FPGA cores can always be upgraded and improved, so I'm not really worried, but I was expecting something a little better than this, in terms of SGM sound output. The "native" ColecoVision sound output sounds okay to me, at least.
  9. Well, at least we know they're working on something else. That's already good news in itself.
  10. Well, Kevtris did it, so how hard can it be? (* Runs away and hides behind the sofa *)
  11. That leaves the question open though: Is the DB9 pinout on the Phoenix compatible? If the ground pin is different between the ColecoVision and Inty controllers, then that alone will make the use of a passive adapter necessary. It probably wouldn't be difficult to do, but someone has to go ahead and do it.
  12. If your game's scoring system doesn't offer anything below 100 points, you can add two static zeros after the score on the screen, and have a score that can go from 0 to 6553500 points.
  13. You know the Inty controller's disc has 16 directions, right? It could be worth it to have a self-centering analog thumbstick. Then you'd have everything you need for an Atari 5200 core, in addition for 16-direction support for the Inty core. Just sayin'.
  14. Yeah, except the original Inty didn't have detachable controllers. I believe only the Inty II had detachable controllers. I may be mistaken...
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