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  1. NOS power supplies seem like a no brainer at first glance, but since they've never been used since they were made over 30 years ago, I have to wonder if there are any components inside the power supply that can decay after all those years, rendering it an unreliable as a "used" one.
  2. I believe you almost described an ordinary relationship between men and women. 😜
  3. This is standard behavior for the ADAM when using the monitor cable instead of the standard RF output.
  4. Do you have any expansion cards or other extra hardware connected to your ADAM memory console?
  5. Or maybe it's the reduced screen size that makes that little voice at the back of your head say "I should be playing this on a bigger screen, on my NES"? I know that's the general feeling I get from playing most GBC games. You can let the reduced screen size slide with the original GB because of the black-&-white graphics and motion blur, which makes the unit very distinct from the NES, but the GBC feels like an NES with a screen that's way too small for its own good.
  6. I know Opcode has a "better version" of Time Pilot on their to-do list. I don't think any other homebrewer has any interest in a re-release of this game. Since the original game was only 16K in size, adding the missing UFO level should be possible within the limits of a 32K ROM. But I'd rather see Opcode's version get made and released, whatever shape this takes.
  7. I could use both buttons for a "Cabbage Path Kids - Adventure in the Park" controller: Two star buttons for left and right, and a heart button for jumping. Another possibility would be a "Girl's Garden" controller. Not sure I like the idea of a heart-shaped button to make Popeye perform a punch, by the way, but it's not a totally terrible idea.
  8. The games listed above are really good suggestions, and I can recommend a few more: - Donald Duck - Goin' [email protected] - Elevator Action (European release based on the arcade game, but adds a lot of fun little features) - Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword - Lufia - The Legend Returns - Montezuma's Return (if you can stomach the annoying music) - Shantae
  9. Many ColecoVision games require only one fire button, but you need the keypad to select a skill level or to enter some other kind of input during the game, so there are probably only a small handful of ColecoVision games that will work with only an Atari joystick (Antarctic Adventure comes to mind).
  10. Why not Doomsday Machine Cartridge while we're at it? (Star Trek TOS reference). 😜
  11. Not sure the AtariAge forums are the best place to discuss NES homebrews, as it's more geared towards pre-NES systems (Atari 2600, ColecoVision, etc.) so I would recommend checking out YouTube videos like this one:
  12. I just stumbled upon this video from 2018 showcasing a GBA 100-in-1 multicart of SMS and Game Gear games: I noticed that "Wonder Boy in Monster Land" and "Wonder Boy III - Dragon's Trap" are included in this multicart (see at 4:50 in the video) which made it interesting to me, so I tried to get one on eBay. Turns out that the only SMS multicarts for GBA available nowadays are the 106-in-1 and the "NES versus SMS" combos, and none of those contain those two Wonder Boy games. So John, if you still have your SMS/GG multicart, better hold onto it as it's actually a bit more valuable than the more recent versions, at least in my opinion. If I can find this multi-cart, I'll surely buy it, since I'd love to be able to play Dragon's Trap on my GBA.
  13. Heed my advice: Stay away from Madonna Mark II (or whatever he likes to call himself these days) and his games. I tried working with him and I got burned.
  14. Well, although it's not a game I would publish (or even buy as a gamer), I think it would be neat to see this SG-1000 game ported: Translate all the little parts of Japanese text and make other little graphical touch-ups, rework the controls to make good use of the Super Action Controllers, and this could be renamed "Super Action Golf".
  15. No, it's indeed rare, but if you're willing to settle for a homebrew port of the SG-1000 version, why not just try to get a repro of the ColecoVision version?
  16. Pixelboy


    I believe this is the first time I've seen a programmer use "game over" music as the main background tune of his game.
  17. Just a quick question that just crossed my mind: If Coleco had released a mouse for the ADAM back in the day, how would one connect it to the ADAM memory console? Via the ADAMNet connector, or perhaps using a "T" adaptor on the connector used for the keyboard (if that makes any sense)? I know that the joystick ports would not have been a good option, considering the Roller Controller requires external power, and an ADAM mouse would probably generate the same kind of interrupts as the Roller Controller.
  18. Why? Rock'n Bolt was released on ColecoVision by Telegames back in the 80s, and it's a very nice version too.
  19. That looks quite impressive indeed. With this said, I should point out that I'm down to five Team Pixelboy games I want to release, namely Asteroids, Star Castle, Space Shuttle, Utopia and Arabian. I have no plans to take on any other project after this. So if any other CV homebrewer wants to port this game to the ColecoVision, you don't have to worry about lil' old me.
  20. Small update for those who are interested: After giving it some thought, I've decided to drop the Armor Attack project. I think I have enough on my plate for the remainder of the year without adding a new last-minute project to it. If anyone out there wants to make his own version of Armor Attack, you'll get no objections from me.
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