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  1. Oooh! Thanks for the offer! And no, I don't need all sides, just the front side. However, I'd be interested to know what kind of trademark/copyright notices there is on the box. I figure those kinds of texts must differ slightly between the US and other regions. EDIT: Please make sure to take a proper scan of the box, and not a plain photo unless you have proper lighting equipment. A box picture with light glares (like the one pictured just above) is just unusable for me. Please send me a PM if you want to discuss it further. Nope, I already have that one, thanks to Ikrananka. Thanks.
  2. Thanks guys. Another question, if you guys don't mind: ColecoVision Zone (that's what he called himself online, I don't recall his real name) has a lot of pictures of Canadian boxes pictured on his web site (I used several of them in the post with all the pictures earlier in this thread). Does anyone know if those were pics of his personal collection, and if so, didn't he sell his collection to someone at one point?
  3. I have a question for you experts out there. Is this a Telegames release? Usually, there's a Telegames logo in some form on these re-releases, but I don't see it on this Lady Bug box: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203288308989 The green clamshell plastic box does indicate Telegames to me... EDIT: Small update regarding the list of missing boxes from a few posts above: I happen to have the Pepper II Canadian box (I scanned it this morning) and I found the Victory Canadian box which I bought on eBay.
  4. As I indicated in the first post of this thread, here's the list of boxes I'm still looking for, with pictures to proove that these boxes actually exist. 1) I'm looking for the Canadian (French/English) editions of these games: - Burgertime - Donkey Kong Junior - Dr Seuss - Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler - Frogger - Gorf - Jumpman Junior - Ken Uston's Blackjack/Poker - Lady Bug - Mr Do! - Mr Do! (second version, cabinet facing other way) - Root Beer Tapper - Smurf - Paint 'n Play Workshop - Space Panic - SubRoc - Super Cobra - Tarzan - Time Pilot - Victory 2) I'm looking for the Canadian (French-English) version of these hardware products: - Adam Family Computer (stand-alone edition) - ColecoVision console - Expansion Module #2 - Expansion Module #3 - Roller Controller 3) I'm looking for the European/international versions of these hardware products: - CBS ColecoVision console (with "Mouse Trap Included" sticker) - SV-603 Adapter There's a guy named Anthony Pietrak on http://collectedit.com who owns a few of the games listed above (Root Beer Tapper, Smurf - Paint & Play Workshop, Super Cobra and Victory, to be exact) and I tried to register on that site so that I could send a private message to the guy and try to get some scans, but the registery process seems to be broken. Is there anyone here who happens to have an account on CollectedIt and could try to contact Anthony on my behalf?
  5. There are 3D printers that can print ABS plastic? Didn't know that!
  6. I will be working to release Space Shuttle, Utopia and Arabian on Christmas Day 2022. That end goal may move around, of course, but for now that's the plan.
  7. The shape looks really good, but the plastic seems somewhat "soft" and not super durable just from the look of it. Is that just me?
  8. Okay, so first of all, I managed to catch up with my e-mail during my lunch break, and reply to everyone who contacted me over the last 48 hours. Secondly, just so everyone is officially aware, it seems I really underestimated the demand for Asteroids and Star Castle, and so I worked out a deal with CollectorVision just yesterday, so they can manufacture more copies of the games. I don't know when those new copies will materialize, however. Also, just for kicks, I'm going to send a paper letter (via good ol' fashion snail mail) to doubledown to see if I can reach him that way, and get him to drop by these forums to give us an update. Not sure how long it's going to take for the letter to get to doubledown's home, but perhaps we'll hear from him before Christmas. Any news from him will be welcome, even if it's "I'm too busy to work on the Asteroids Controllers right now". Fingers crossed!
  9. Quick note: I spent most of the today at my best friend's place today, and now I'm way behind on replying to e-mail. Please be patient, as it's going to take me a while to reply to everyone.
  10. I haven't really given it much thought yet, as I'm still finishing up processing orders. Earlier today I contacted a bunch of people who hadn't pre-ordered either Asteroids or Star Castle, but did pre-order other future games (Space Shuttle, Arabian, Utopia) to tell them about the new trading card series, and several of them were genuinely surprised that Asteroids and Star Castle somehow went completely under their radar, much like Hastor above. So I guess it would be best to pass both titles on to CollectorVision, if they want to make more copies themselves, although if I do this, it will mean that I won't be at liberty to post the ROMs of Asteroids and Star Castle on Christmas Day 2022. That'll be CollectorVision's decision to make in terms of sharing the ROMs in whatever fashion. And I really have no control over how long it's going to take CollectorVision to make more C.I.B. copies of those games.
  11. Okay, I understand your point perfectly well. But I'd like to raise two points of my own: 1) I don't consider what I do to be a business, even though it may seem that way to many, especially with the way I interact with those who purchase my games. A business to me is something you do to make a profit, and I sell my games at cost, with no profit margin. I treat these games as projects, which goes from idea to complete-in-box game within a certain time frame, and after manufacturing enough copies to meet most of the demand, I consider that project done and I move on to the next. I don't have a crystal ball that tells me exactly how many copies I should produce, and not meeting the demand often happens. You're certainly not the first to contact me about a game and being disappointed when I tell them "sorry, it's sold out". 2) Please don't take this the wrong way, because I really don't mean to make it personal, but where were you all this time? Star Castle was added to teampixelboy.com at the same time as Asteroids, and you had months to contact me and try to secure a copy in advance. Several people did exactly that (ordering Star Castle and not Asteroids) and they got their copies. I don't think it's fair to say that you "never had a chance". You actually did. I can only hope you understand my point of view on this.
  12. I didn't actually put any limit, and this scalper, as you call him, ordered several copies of both Asteroids and Star Castle, and he paid for them at full price. For the record, this eBay seller is the only one who ordered multiple copies like this, for the purpose of reselling them. I wasn't expecting him to put them up for auction one by one like this, but he bought them fair and square, so that's his choice.
  13. Oops! You're right! I forgot to update my list accordingly! Thanks for reminding me!
  14. The only European box I'm still looking for is the one for Frogger. Aside from that, I believe I have all of the European box scans, whichever scans I'm missing on my own hard drive can be found on ColecoBoxArt.com, and I'm probably going to download them all next month to have all the scans in one place. Thanks! By the way, was the Splice Vision ever released in an actual box? I have box pics for the Hanimex Pencil II, the Dina 2-in-1, the Telegames Personal Arcade and the Bit-90 computer. I'd like to acquire a box scan of the SV-603 Adapter if possible, and any other "international" pieces of hardware that is directly ColecoVision-related.
  15. I'm actually counting on ColecoBoxArt.com, especially for the "European" series next year. Thanks a lot, Crapahute!
  16. Good day to you all, ColecoVisionizers! It's been a while since my last news bulletin, and I think now is a good time for an update, especially with several people wondering why Asteroids and Star Castle were released in such a low-key fashion. The main subject of this news bulletin is to present and discuss my ColecoVision trading cards, but before I get into that, let's go over other news tidbits. THE ASTEROIDS CONTROLLER, OR LACK THEREOF As many of you may recall, Asteroids was supposed to be released as a pack-in game for the Asteroids Controller, which was announced as a partnership between Team Pixelboy and our resident custom controller maker doubledown. If you look up doubledown's profile on AtariAge right now (i.e. at the time I'm writing this bulletin) you'll notice he hasn't visited the AtariAge forums since last July. I haven't had any contact with him outside AtariAge since then (I tried contacting him by e-mail, but to no avail) so for all intents and purposes, the Asteroids Controller project has been pretty much stalled since last spring. doubledown's job has been keeping him extremely busy this year, and that's the main reason why he hasn't worked at all on the Asteroids Controllers. During our most recent conversation via AtariAge private messages, he explained to me that he was going to travel a lot over the next few months, for what he called "service calls he had been putting off". He has, of course, an excellent reputation on these boards, and I'm still fully confident that things will eventually clear up for him and he will be able to build all the Asteroids Controllers and honor all pre-orders. I just don't know when that is going to happen. For all we know, brand new customers may be giving him more work to keep him busy until the end of 2021 and beyond, and we just have to wait for him to come back. All copies of Asteroids have been ready to ship since last June, and when Star Castle went from project to finished software over a relatively short amount of time this summer (thanks Mystery Man!) I decided to ship all copies to those who had pre-ordered the games. I didn't organize a proper pre-order period for Star Castle, choosing instead to simply offer the game to those who had pre-ordered Asteroids, and all copies were snatched up that way. So for those who would like to purchase Asteroids and/or Star Castle, I'm afraid you're out of luck. Or maybe not quite. I recommend keeping an eye on eBay seller "2coolspirit" who has already begun to auction off a few copies of both games. That's pretty much your last chance to score copies of both games brand new. As a closing note on this subject, you'll be glad to know that all of the "legacy hacks" designed to be played with the Asteroids Controller are all 100% done, and will be offered to everyone who will (eventually) purchase an Asteroids Controller. I'm talking about B.C.'s Quest for Tires, Carnival, Cabbage Patch Kids - Adventures in the Park, Omega Race, Smurf - Rescue in Gargamel's Castle, Space Fury, Star Trek, and Victory. Speaking from personal experience, playing all these games with an Asteroids Controller offers quite a different feel when compared to playing these games with a standard ColecoVision controller. They all feel more "arcade-y" somehow, if that makes sense. TRADING CARDS, WITH NO ACTUAL TRADING INVOLVED It's hard to believe that I publicly started to discuss this trading card project way back in 2011 (or perhaps even before that). Since then, I've been accumulating box scans and working on card templates, but publishing new homebrew ColecoVision games often got in the way. This year, I was finally able to finish all the templates for my first series of trading cards, namely the "North-American" series: 165 cards covering all of the ColecoVision games released in North-America during the eighties, including a few I like to call the "Canadian Essentials", which are games that were released by Canadian publishers in bilingual (English/French) boxes, and for which English-only boxes do not exist. Some prototype games are also included in the deck, with homebrew box art. You can see a small sample of the cards in the picture attached at the bottom of this post. More series are planned for the future. The next series, to be released next year, will be the "European" series featuring roughly 100 cards covering mostly the same games as the "North-American" series, but with European, Australian and Asian box art. If I can, I would also like to release a "Canadian" series, with bilingual boxes, as it turns out that there are enough of them to make a deck of 50+ cards! And in 2023, I will turn my attention to homebrew games, beginning with a series devoted to Team Pixelboy releases, quickly followed by series for Opcode Games, CollectorVision, etc. with the end goal of making a trading card for every homebrew game ever released with a proper box and manual. I'm hoping that all the homebrew authors and publishers won't have a problem with me making trading cards out of their games. I should take a moment to mention the "Hardware" cards. Initially, I wanted to include some cards in the "North-American" series for ColecoVision hardware (console, expansion modules, controllers). The cards are almost technically done, but I want to put beauty pics of the hardware on the back of the cards (in lieu of screenshots) and for that, I need doubledown (yeah, that guy again). I have a special agreement with doubledown to snap those pictures for the back of the cards, so I have to wait until he gets back before the cards can be finalized. Once I have the back-of-cards pics, I will either release the "Hardware" cards as small upgrade packs (i.e. cards to add to already-released decks) or maybe release these cards as their own stand-alone series. We'll see. For now, the "Hardware" cards are temporarily on hold. With all this said, let's talk pre-ordering and purchasing. I need to know how many decks of the "North-American" series I need to order from the print shop, which is located somewhere in Germany. I also want to gauge interest in the other future series, as described above. I took the time to mention the trading cards to everyone who pre-ordered Asteroids (with or without the Asteroids Controller) and/or Star Castle, and I will be contacting all the interested people again (plus a few more) shortly, in order to direct them to this forum thread, and initiate a general survey. If you are interested in purchasing these cards, I would like you to contact me by e-mail (at pixelboy at teampixelboy dot com) and confirm your interest, and I would also like you to tell me how interested you are in the future series. Will you only buy the first "North-American" series and say no to the other series? Or will you buy some of the series but not some others? Or will you buy them all like a true ColecoVision fanboy? Please let me know your intentions! In terms of pricing, I have to place orders of decks of 55 cards with the printer in Germany. That's why there are 165 cards in the first series (3 decks of 55 cards). Each pack of 55 cards costs roughly 20$US to print, so I expect a full deck of 165 cards to carry a price tag in the 60-to-65$US range. Maybe a little more, but not much more. So that's about 40 cents per card. Each deck of 165 cards will be stored in a two-piece plastic storage case (either Ultra-Pro or BCW, it's not decided yet). You have until December 15th 2021 to place your official pre-order for a deck of the "North-American" series. After this date, I will place the print order with the print shop in Germany. I'm not sure how long it's going to take for the printer to print and ship the decks to me, and I will very probably receive them in January at the earliest, but I'll contact everyone as soon as I receive them. Of course, it will always be possible for me to print more decks of these trading cards in the future, but I'd like to place print orders in large batches, if I can. Anyway, what I would like to do is create a mailing list which is separate from my homebrew video game pre-order records. Anyone who pre-orders (or buys) a deck of trading cards will be added to this mailing list, and I will notify everyone on this list whenever a new series or a new upgrade pack is close to release. There's something I need to mention at this point: It's getting increasingly difficult for my e-mails to reach the inboxes of those I'm trying to contact. This is especially true for G-Mail and some other e-mail providers that seem to hate me for some reason, to the point where they don't just mark my e-mails as junk/spam, they block my e-mails altogether, with no warning or error reported back to me. I just want to be clear on this: I always make it a point to reply to all my e-mail within 24 hours, and I often reply within just one hour when I'm home. So if you contact me by e-mail and expect a reply, check your junk/spam box after a few hours if you don't see my reply in your main inbox. Anyway, for clarity's sake, here's the list (subject to change) of the different series I'm planning: - North-American (to be printed and released soon) - European / Australian / Asian (2022) - Canadian (2022 or 2023) - Team Pixelboy (2023) - Opcode Games (2023) - CollectorVision (2023) - Côté Gamers and other homebrews (2024) - Homebrew boxes (of commercial and homebrew games) (2024) To conclude this (rather long) post about the ColecoVision trading cards, I want to mention that I'm always hunting for box scans to turn into trading cards, and I'm still missing quite a few scans of legacy commercial boxes, especially of Canadian boxes. In the coming days, I will post pictures further down in this thread of the boxes I'm still looking for. If you have any of those boxes and are willing to scan them for me, please send me a PM or an e-mail. This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.
  17. Numeric keypads for me. They offered a centralized way to access game options and features directly, especially with the help of an overlay. It was not like today's controllers where they try to give you access to a dozen buttons "ergonomically" (#sarcasm) with a learning curve that takes away from the enjoyment of each new game you play. I feel many of today's games could benefit from a "keypad-style" group of buttons on the controller.
  18. Interesting. Will the physical board and pieces of the original Odyssey2 game be transferred to virtual form, so that all aspects of the game will play out on the TV screen? If yes, it would be nice if your version had an alternate mode of play where those who happen to own the Odyssey2 game could use the physical board and pieces, but play the dungeon challenges on the OMNI instead of the Odyssey2 machine.
  19. I believe I still have a broken US ColecoVision console here, or even if it's not quite broken, I could still send it to you for study, if you want. Send me a PM and we'll work it out.
  20. Sure, I understand where you're coming from, but given that the ColecoVision is a mainly North-American system and that the US console enclosure doesn't have the large rectangular hole on the back that facilitates the placement of a mini-DIN connector, I thought you'd maybe be open to an alternate version of your motherboard that caters to the majority of ColecoVision fans (living in the US and Canada) who would like a drop-in replacement motherboard without having to punch holes into the console casing. There are a lot of broken ColecoVisions out there, the majority of which are in North-America, so I definitely see a niche market here which you could cater to, and the point of my "challenges" was to outline the preferred requirements of North-American ColecoVision fans, the majority of whom already own a Super Game Module and would probably like to continue using it. But if the point of your project is simply to demonstrate a technical achievement, that's perfectly fine. I was just putting some ideas on the table to take it a step further.
  21. Since you asked for comments, I'd say this is a good opportunity to voice my own. I've monitored your project from the sidelines, and I generally like it, although the purist in me is a little put off by having to drill holes into the console casing to accommodate the video output and/or USB connectors. Could I interest you in one of two different challenges? Challenge #1: I'd like to see an NTSC version of your motherboard that is a closer "reproduction" of the original, with no extra features, but with more modern parts: 1K of RAM mirrored (I see that Digikey still sells 1K chips, although I'm not sure if they're technically compatible with this proposed project), no AY-3-8910, no USB port, or anything of the sort. The front expansion port would be fully compatible with the Expansion Module #1 and the Super Game Module (Expansion Module #3 support would be nice, but personally I wouldn't require it). The A/V video output would be done via a unified adaptor cable such as one of these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/233917082078?hash=item36768b69de:g:puIAAOSw7AxgQppL https://www.ebay.com/itm/193838792824?hash=item2d21b14078:g:S6IAAOSwqLlf9kWs https://www.ebay.com/itm/351284418398?hash=item51ca2ed75e:g:bcMAAOSw9hdaAGZd https://www.ebay.com/itm/293136143758?hash=item444046958e:g:FMgAAOSwztddFm43 Power input would be so designed as to be able to power the Expansion Module #1 or SGM via the front expansion port just like the original motherboard, and that may increase the complexity of the power supply. Some homebrew game cartridges seem to require a little bit more power than usual, so that would have to be fully tested as well. Challenge #2: Same as challenge #1 above, but with HDMI output: The power plug would be located in the "RF video hole" on the console casing, and the HDMI female connector would be located in the rectangular "power connector hole". In other words, the power and video cable positions would be swapped. CollectorVision implemented HDMI output on their Phoenix console, so I see no reason to dismiss the possibility here, although I realize that it may make the fully-built board more expensive. I think it would be very much worth it. With either challenges, drilling holes into the enclosure would not be required, and I believe this would make it much more desirable as a drop-in replacement for the aging original motherboard. Do you think either challenges are doable? I'd be willing to discuss the finer details if you are interested.
  22. Damn. I definitely had Asteroids on a preorder with him - the game only, not the controller. Not sure about Star Castle, but I definitely would have added it to my preorder. I've emailed Luc to figure out what happened. You should get an e-mail from me early next week. Guys like TPR got their copies first because they pre-ordered an Asteroids Controller. I contacted them first because I wanted to be sure to give them dibs on a copy of Star Castle, because both Asteroids and Star Castle are explicitly designed to be compatible with the Asteroids Controller. I will post a new Team Pixelboy News Bulletin soon about all this, and more.
  23. Not really interested in the Evercade per say, but I might be slightly more interested in it if Capcom released some Mega Man compilation carts on it, especially if they somehow managed to include Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10.
  24. My statements were based on my experience of SmartBASIC from many years ago, and those are the downsides of the language I can still remember to this day.
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