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  1. Another one that deserves a release is Do Run Run. The MSX version (known as Super Pierrot) is surprisingly well done when compared to the arcade game, so a port of that version would be a good addition to the ColecoVision library.
  2. Ah the memories... I do hope the game gets made with those graphics. We did prepare the graphics for all the levels, didn't we?
  3. The following video indicates that the data pins of the USB port are not connected to the CPU, so no earphones, sadly.
  4. They could probably get away with replacing Popeye/Bluto/Olive with Mario/DK/Pauline. Same goes with Snoopy Tennis, just replace the Peanuts characters with various Mario characters.
  5. Indeed. Releasing a new unit with the exact same form factor (and color screen) as the SMB unit, but with a collection of Game & Watch games would be an interesting product for many. They could easily fit these into the unit: - Ball - Flagman - Vermin - Fire - Manhole - Helmet - Lion - Parachute - Octopus - Chef - Egg - Turtle Bridge - Donkey Kong Junior - Mario's Cement Factory - Tropical Fish - Super Mario Bros - Climber - Balloon Fight Many of the best Game & Watches are the ones with two screens, but I think the list above contains enough interesting classics. You can leave this in your coat pocket, take it out whenever, and play whichever game you're in the mood to play. Flagman and Lion could be a bit awkward to play, but it could work with a combination of D-Pad and buttons I suppose. Sadly, they probably couldn't include Popeye and Snoopy Tennis because of licensing. T'would be nice if they could manage it though. Fire Attack could also be included, but they'd need to replace the far west setting with a circus backdrop and replace the Indians with monkeys, because 2020. The best thing is that they wouldn't need to alter anything in the physical design of the unit: Use the same electronics, controls, screen and casing as the SMB unit, and just do reproductions of their G&W games like they did with Ball. And they could include clock features too, of course.
  6. Nope, it's actually being programmed from scratch by long-time collaborator Mystery Man. If it hadn't been for Covid, it probably would have been completed months ago.
  7. Just for the record, Team Pixelboy's version of Asteroids is going to look a lot like this.
  8. If you have a byte of data and a free byte in RAM, it's always possible to process the byte of data and "construct" the flipped or mirrored version in the free byte, and then send this free byte to VRAM. You need 8 such free bytes to do 90-degree tile rotations. To my knowledge, there's no feature in the VDP or the Coleco BIOS that lets you do this easily.
  9. I suppose it's possible. I'd leave the publishing part to someone else, honestly.
  10. Quick note: While I'm not working on my own version of the Dracula vaporware at the moment, I do have a few ideas for a possible implementation of the game. However, my ideas are rather "loose" and would amount to an unconventional kind of game, which means I'm not sure how much fun the finalized game would be. All this to say that if someone picks up the torch on Dracula, I would just like to be aware of the project, so I don't waste any time working on my own version in the future.
  11. Tried Cabbage Patch Kids with a different controller, and it works fine, so the custom controller I'm using apparently has an unconnected pin 9. This causes trouble with Zenji as well, because it plays fine with a different controller (both from cart and SD card). Montezuma also seems to be allergic to my custom controller. The jumping works fine with other controllers. Fathom seems to behave "normally", as the behavior's the same with blueMSX. I could swear I could make the skill level number go up and down when I played this game as a kid... I'll keep testing over the next few days. Thanks for your assistance!
  12. I've been testing one of my Phoenixes with my collection of CV carts, and I noticed some issues while playing. Can anyone confirm these problems? - Cabbage Patch Kids - Adventures in the Park : Game plays about twice as fast as it should. - Fathom : At the opening skill select screen, moving the joystick in any direction increases the skill level number, but I cannot decrease it. - Montezuma's Revenge : Jumping works about 10% of the time when I press the fire button. - Rock 'n Bolt : When the guy emerges from the hole in the floor, his sprite is entirely visible. Probably because F18A is active by default, so not really a bug. - Zenji : Doesn't work on the Phoenix. Sometimes the title screen appears and I can hear some music, but it crashes quickly. Most of the time, I just get a black screen upon reset. I've tested just over 20 carts so far. It's kind of a drag to have to press the reset button every time I insert a new cart and turn the power on, but the system works fine otherwise. I love the nice, crisp image.
  13. It's interesting to see Analogue having developed a true R&D department, with Kevtris as director. Just think of all those people learning from the master. I would imagine that his team of a "dozen people" is currently split between the Pocket (including the Dock and the cart adaptors) and the Duo. So plenty of work to go around for everybody involved right now. But what is such a large team going to do next, after those two sets of products will have been released? One can only wonder, although I suppose if there's a will to do the PlayStation, they've probably started doing some preliminary work on the project already. There's a little voice inside my head that hopes they'll do a TV-only mini-console version of the Pocket (i.e. cartridge slot on the console, with wired or wireless hand controller) but I know that's unlikely to happen.
  14. Updating all done, and I did the service first. Very nice. By the way, I noticed that my name doesn't appear in the credits of the Phoenix's manual. Less nice...
  15. I am updating my two Phoenixes tonight, I've never done this before and I have a question: Is it best to install the latest SERVICE.PHX file first, or the COREXX.PHX files? Or maybe it doesn't matter in which order I update those components? Thanks in advance for any help.
  16. I was expecting a little more interest in the subject of this thread (or maybe I'm just too impatient) but alright, I'll just post my ideas and leave it at that. I think Nintendo could go beyond the original SMB (and Zelda) and give fans a few more "NES Game & Watch" offerings. Super Mario Bros 3 is an obvious one and they wouldn't even need to put any other games on the device, it would just sell like hotcakes on its own (although a save-state function or a general save feature on the map screen would be a must). Here are a few more suggestions that I think could sell pretty well under the Game & Watch form factor: - Donkey Kong + Donkey Kong Jr + Donkey Kong 3 (please, Nintendo, include the fourth screen in DK!) - Mario Bros + Wrecking Crew + Dr. Mario (not sure this one would see great sales, but it offers variety at least) - Punch-Out (like SMB3, it doesn't need anything else to sell well, but the controls need to be really tight and responsive) - R.C Pro AM + R.C. Pro AM II + Cobra Triangle (the screen would need to be very crisp, to avoid motion blur) I'm excluding Metroid because I don't think the NES game on its own would be enticing enough to sell well. Although if they included a colorized version of Metroid II, it might be worth it... Then again, nah, what people would really want is Super Metroid and that goes beyond the scope of this forum thread. Where third-parties are concerned, I think Capcom and Konami would stand to benefit the most from jumping onto the Game & Watch form factor with their NES libraries. Capcom could put Mega Man 1+2+3 on one device, and Mega Man 4+5+6 on another, and perhaps even do another device with colorized versions of Mega Man III, IV and V on Game Boy. If I had the chance to be involved in the design of those devices, given the need to often jump and shoot at the same time in Mega Man games, I think it would be more comfortable to have the fire button as a face button and the jump button as a shoulder button. It would take a little getting used to, but it would probably be less of a stress on the right thumb given the smaller form factor. But then again, two face buttons could work well too, I suppose, if it works for Super Mario Bros. I expect Capcom would also see good sales with these devices: - 1942 + 1943 (not sure this one would be all that playable on a small screen. The sprites are already small on a regular TV.) - DuckTales 1 + 2 - Commando + Bionic Commando - Ghosts 'n Goblins + Gargoyle's Quest II DuckTales in particular is an almost cathartic experience when you pogo-stick all over the place, and would be well-suited for rainy days or during long car/bus/train rides. Meanwhile, Konami could partner up with other parties to release these: - Castlevania 1 + 2 + 3 - Contra + Super C (perhaps include Operation C on Game Boy as a bonus, if possible?) - Gradius + Life Force - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Arcade Game + TMNT III - The Manhattan Project And finally, here are other good one-off collection possibilities: - Adventure Island 1 + 2 + 3 - Adventure of Lolo 1 + 2 + 3 - Batman + Batman - Return of the Joker - Bubble Bobble + Bubble Bobble Part 2 + Rainbow Islands - Double Dragon 1 + 2 + 3 - Dragon Warrior 1 + 2 + 3 - Ninja Gaiden 1 + 2 + 3 - Shatterhand + Shadow of the Ninja (both were made by Natsume) - Solomon's Key + Fire 'n Ice - Wizards and Warriors 1 + 2 + 3 I think the Batman one in particular would be very interesting: Shape the thing like a Batarang and Batman fans will eat it up. Emulating Return of the Joker would require some work because it uses an advanced mapper, but it's not an unsurmountable technical obstacle. There are lots of NES games that are really good, but not quite good enough to warrant the investment in hardware as Game & Watch one-offs. I think mostly of games like Blaster Master and Mighty Final Fight when I say this. Also, I'm not a fan of sports game on NES (although I enjoyed playing Blades of Steel BITD) so I wouldn't buy any sports collections on the Game & Watch form factor, and I would expect that many other people wouldn't be all that interested either. I should also mention I would prefer seeing a Game Boy Classic with 25+ games on it rather than seeing individual Game-&-Watch-style Game Boy re-releases, aside from the Mega Man GB games and perhaps the Zelda GB/GBC games. As for the Sega Master System, I don't see any games worth converting to Game-&-Watch-style format, mostly because all the good games were done better on the Genesis. And they've already done the Game Gear Micro thing (sigh...) Of course, it's an understatement that all of the above is a glorified pipe dream. We'll be extremely lucky if Nintendo just does Zelda in Game & Watch format next year (let's be honest, they likely won't). But it's nice to think of the most interesting possibilities. The Game & Watch form factor is an attractive one for impulse-buys. Thanks for reading.
  17. True, but I have to wonder if the Analogue Duo's FPGA is strong enough to do PS1 itself. The Duo's CD drive should theoretically be able to read PS1 discs, no?
  18. With the soon-to-be-released Super Mario Bros Game & Watch, an interesting question - worthy of a forum thread - popped into my brain today. Given a form factor similar to the SMB Game & Watch, what NES games (or maybe colorized Game Boy games) would you like to see released (aside from Zelda, which is obvious and could possibly be actually released by Nintendo next year to mark Zelda's 35th anniversary). Sega Master System is permitted as well, if you want. The form factor limits the controls to a D-Pad, two fire buttons, and some smaller buttons like START and SELECT, and as a general rule, you can only put up to three games on a single device. Low-power pause (i.e. save-state) function is permitted. I have plenty of ideas, but I'd rather let you guys and gals voice your own sure-to-buy ideas before I disclose mine. EDIT: I should point out that some games are already available in the Game-&-Watch style, namely the Micro Arcade series. If this is news to you, just do a search for "Micro Arcade" on YouTube and you'll see a few.
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