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  1. I would just like to throw my 0.02$ into this, if you don't mind. I see two types of users for this list: Those who want to work with it as a spreadsheet (i.e. edit certain fields according to the state of their own collection, or add columns in order to add their own pieces of data) and those who just want to consult the lists occasionally, as a static document, mostly to answer a question they happen to be wondering about (example: Which games come with an controller overlay?). I believe zyzzle, who is asking for a PDF version, is of the second category. To be honest, so am I. So even if you offer to distribute your spreadsheet based on a free app like Google Sheet, it won't fix the basic issue of those who want a static reference document. Also, a static document doesn't have "hidden fields", so Easter Eggs and such should be plainly visible in such a document. I guess you're going to have to recognize that you have two different kinds of "customers" for the fruits of your labours, Ikranaka. It's up to you to decide if you want to cater to both, or to only one.
  2. Looking at the Retron Jr, I'm actually considering getting that instead of the Analogue Pocket. At first, the Pocket will be mainly marketed at a portable handheld, but I already own a perfectly working GBA, so the only thing that makes the Pocket interesting to me is the Dock component, which as I understand it, won't be immediately available on the Pocket's launch day. Not only that, but I'll probably have to buy a third-party controller to use the Dock, so that's one more expense added to an already expensive FPGA-based gaming system. The Retron Jr may be emulation-based, but if it runs my small collection of GBA carts (Zeldas, Metroids, Castlevanias, etc.) without any issue, and also runs the GB and GBC games I'm interested in (Mega Man, Bionic Commando, Blaster Master, Gargoyle's Quest, Link's Awakening + Oracle games, and many more) why wouldn't I consider it? I'm not the kind of guy who's going to piss on a clone console just because it doesn't run some obscure Japanese games. If the system is plug-and-play in nature, runs the most popular GBA/GBC/GB games in a satisfactory manner, has a lower price tag, and includes a serviceable controller in the box, all that sounds like a winning proposition to me, personally. Of course, I understand that Hyperkin has a certain reputation that invites caution, and the fact that the Retron Jr won't play multicarts is a negative point. But still, I'll be keeping an eye on this one, and I will actively seek out reviews of the system once it's released. If the reviews are good enough, I'll definitely be tempted. And who knows, once I own a Retron Jr, I may decide to hunt down some of my favorite Game Boy carts on eBay, just for the pleasure of playing them on a modern HDMI TV.
  3. And just for the record, all the Mystery Man Collection games are now SOLD OUT. Thanks a lot to everyone who pre-ordered these games. EDIT: I'm still recording pre-orders for the Asteroids controller and game, by the way, just in case anyone is wondering.
  4. All of these are still on the 2020 schedule, although if I'm forced to choose between Arabian and Asteroids, I will evidently choose Asteroids, and push Arabian to next year.
  5. I'd say they sold out fast because of the limited quantities. A few people got in late and I had to say "sorry, sold out", but not that many, so I'd say setting the limit to 60 copies of each game was a good match for the actual demand. And with this, one last update: GP World = SOLD OUT Mikie = 1 copy left Monaco GP = SOLD OUT N-Sub = SOLD OUT Sega Flipper = SOLD OUT Sindbad Mystery = SOLD OUT Star Jacker = SOLD OUT Zaxxon II = SOLD OUT Zoom 909 = SOLD OUT In case you're wondering where all those copies of Monaco GP went, I decided to prioritize those who pre-ordered all of the other eight games of the Mystery Man Collection but haven't replied to me yet about Monaco GP. If anyone of those people backs out, I'll post an update here.
  6. Another one sold out, so time for an update. GP World = SOLD OUT Mikie = 3 copies left Monaco GP = 21 copies left N-Sub = 1 copy left Sega Flipper = SOLD OUT Sindbad Mystery = SOLD OUT Star Jacker = SOLD OUT Zaxxon II = SOLD OUT Zoom 909 = SOLD OUT
  7. Going fast... GP World = SOLD OUT Mikie = 5 copies left Monaco GP = 34 copies left N-Sub = 3 copies left Sega Flipper = 2 copies left Sindbad Mystery = SOLD OUT Star Jacker = SOLD OUT Zaxxon II = SOLD OUT Zoom 909 = 2 copies left
  8. Another game sold out, so I should post an update: GP World = SOLD OUT Mikie = 6 copies left Monaco GP = 36 copies left N-Sub = 4 copies left Sega Flipper = 3 copies left Sindbad Mystery = SOLD OUT Star Jacker = SOLD OUT Zaxxon II = 1 copy left Zoom 909 = 3 copies left
  9. Ah, okay. So eventually, another CV core will be released?
  10. Quick update: GP World = 1 copy left Mikie = 7 copies left Monaco GP = 40 copies left N-Sub = 5 copies left Sega Flipper = 4 copies left Sindbad Mystery = SOLD OUT Star Jacker = SOLD OUT Zaxxon II = 2 copies left Zoom 909 = 4 copies left EDIT: Also, I just finished sending e-mails to everyone who I haven't heard from yet regarding the Asteroids Controller.
  11. I'm no expert on this, but wouldn't 720p help in fixing the compatibility problem with certain modern TVs, or was that only linked to this "power feedback" through the HDMI cable which I read about earlier in this thread?
  12. Indeed. At 128K, all bets are off. It could be anything.
  13. It's a good thing I did a check on my pre-order list tonight, because I'm already nearing the quantity limits! GP World : 2 copies left (out of 60) Mikie = 8 copies left (out of 60) Monaco GP = 41 copies left (out of 60) (will probably decrease over the next week or so) N-Sub = 6 copies left (out of 60) Sega Flipper = 5 copies left (out of 60) Sindbad Mystery = 1 copy left (out of 60) Star Jacker = SOLD OUT (60 out of 60) Zaxxon II = 3 copies left (out of 90) Zoom 909 = 5 copies left (out of 60) Since I reached 55 pre-orders on Sega Flipper, I had to bump up the limit from 50 to 60 copies, which means 10 less copies for Asteroids (110 instead of 120).
  14. This simply means both the Hyperspace button and the extra sixth button will activate Hyperspace in Asteroids on ColecoVision. No biggie.
  15. That is something we will likely consider, since we'll be testing the game with both types of controllers.
  16. Okay then, here's my list of suggestions, just for the heck of it. I'm limiting myself to (mostly) older arcade games that I believe should fit in a 32K ColecoVision cartridge. - Amidar - Bandido - Blue Print - Car Polo - Championship Sprint (optional Steering Wheel support would be nice) - Check Man - Columns - Complex X - Crazy Balloon - Cutie Q - Dig Dug (we need a good version of this one) - Eyes - Food Fight - Funny Mouse - Hard Hat - Jungler - Kaos - Lizard Wizard - Mr TNT - NATO Defense - Pandora's Palace - Pit & Run - Pulsar - R2D Tank - Route 16 - Scrambled Egg - Solar Fox - Son Son - Space Zap - The Electric Yo-Yo - The End - The Glob (or Super Glob) - The Hand - Thief - Turtles - Van-Van Car
  17. Please send an e-mail to pixelboy at teampixelboy dot com regarding any pre-orders. This includes the Asteroids Controller, by the way, and if you do contact me, please remember to specify which model (Upright or Cabaret) you want, and if you want the pack-in game or not.
  18. It's something I'd like to do, of course, but doing all those rotating asteroids and "death star" heat-seeker things would probably be very hard to implement.
  19. Hello again. I just want to announce that we are going full steam ahead with the Asteroids Controller! If you voted favorably in the poll and/or are interested in pre-ordering this controller, please visit the linked post below for more information! Thank you!
  20. Hello again. I just want to announce that we are going full steam ahead with the Asteroids Controller! If you voted favorably in the poll and/or are interested in pre-ordering this controller, please visit the linked post below for more information! Thank you!
  21. Hello again. I just want to announce that we are going full steam ahead with the Asteroids Controller! If you voted favorably in the poll and/or are interested in pre-ordering this controller, please visit the linked post below for more information! Thank you!
  22. And you can find that announcement here: Thanks to everyone who have participated in the poll! Voting in this poll is now pointless, since we're officially going ahead with the project. If you want to pre-order the Asteroids Controller and/or the Asteroids ColecoVision game, go to the topic linked above for more info!
  23. Bonjour to all ColecoVision fanatics! It's already time to post an update on a number of things, the main topic being the Asteroids Controller! If you voted positively on the recent Asteroids Controller poll, you'll definitely want to keep reading this news bulletin! ASTEROIDS CONTROLLER IS A GO! The poll clearly demonstrated that there is sufficient interest in the Asteroids Controller to produce a limited run, so we (doubledown, Mystery Man and myself) are going to team up and get it done! It's an exciting project for us, but unfortunately, Mystery Man is rather busy at the moment and he won't be able to get started on programming the Asteroids game (for ColecoVision) right away. But anyhow, let's go over the final specs of the controller and its pack-in game, and then review what is going to happen next where pre-ordering is concerned. FINAL SPECIFICATIONS OF THE ASTEROIDS CONTROLLER We will offer two variants of the controller, which we like to call the Asteroids Upright Edition - VVG Enhanced Controller and the Asteroids Cabaret Edition – VVG Enhanced Controller. The first features the full-color artwork from the upright arcade cabinet of Asteroids, while the other is in black and white, and features the artwork of the "cabaret-style" cabinet of Asteroids, with some woodgrain decoration applied on the sides of the controller for added nostalgia. As the proposed Asteroids controller is designed to replicate the look and feel of the arcade cabinet, it will feature five buttons, plus a sixth button for extra ColecoVision compatibility. All buttons will be leaf-switch push-buttons (GGG CLASSX push-buttons with True-Leaf Pro switch upgrade) and will be of matching size, style, color, and layout of the original arcade cabinets. The buttons will be wired as follows: - ROTATE LEFT = Joystick Left - ROTATE RIGHT = Joystick Right - HYPERSPACE = Joystick Down - THRUST = Joystick Up - FIRE = Left trigger button - (Unmarked sixth button) = Right trigger button Below are some pictures of the controller. As you can see, the unmarked sixth button is red on the Upright Edition and black on the Cabaret Edition, and the main white buttons are placed high on the controller's surface, in order to provide sufficient resting space for the player's palms and wrists. We feel this is an important ergonomic comfort factor, especially for long play sessions. Asteroids Upright Edition - VVG Enhanced Controller Asteroids Cabaret Edition – VVG Enhanced Controller The controller will come with the black velcro cable wrap that you see in this last picture of the back side: The controller's enclosure will be a Hammond Mfg. 14.00" x 8.25" black aluminum, sloped-top housing. While we feel the enclosure looks (and for the most part feels) very nice, we believe it falls short in two aspects, namely its assembly and its weight. The enclosure itself is constructed as two "c-shaped" powder-coated aluminum forms, assembled with four #6 sheet-metal screws on the bottom side; two along the front edge, and two along the rear. The concern we had with this is that nothing supports the upright sides from flexing outward (creating an unsightly gap) and nothing supports the large, flat, top surface from bowing downward. To remedy both of these issues, and to give the controller a more solid feel overall, we will install two steel angle braces which will connect the sides of the enclosure to the underside of the top surface. Additionally the steel braces (one mounted on each side, and running front to back) nicely bump up the "bare" enclosure weight from 2.36 lbs (1.07 kg) to 3.15 lbs (1.43 kg). Lastly, we will ditch the manufacturer's assembly screws, and new #8-32 machine screws will be used for the housing assembly. All of these modifications strengthen, and beef up the enclosure to our quality standards, but do require additional hardware, and add approximately 1 to 1.5 extra hours to the overall build/assembly time of each controller. The surface artwork will be photo-quality inkjet printed (with photo inks) on premium photo paper (Epson or HP depending on availability), then dual-side, heat-laminated, with 5 mil glossy laminating media with UV protection. So unless someone were to scratch or stab the controller's surface with a sharp tool/knife/keys purposely and/or maliciously, it should last indefinitely. The controller will feature a 10-feet cable with a new DB9 plug (not recycled from another controller) and as stated earlier, a velcro cable wrap will be included to facilitate storage. Four adhesive backed round rubber feet will also be placed under the controller for improved stability. The price of the Asteroids Controller has been set to 150$US, for both the Upright and Cabaret editions. This is for the controller itself and does not include the extra price of the pack-in game. ABOUT THE PACK-IN GAME While the poll showed that people would prefer a multi-cart that includes Asteroids and several legacy ColecoVision games hacked to be fully compatible with the Asteroids Controller, it was decided that the pack-in game cartridge will contain only Asteroids. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1) It is preferable to have a box specifically for Asteroids because then I can sell the game as a complete-in-box stand-alone product to anyone who wants the game but not the controller. So everyone will get the same game (with the same box, manual and cartridge) regardless if they purchase the Asteroids Controller or not. 2) The price of the pack-in game is unknown at this time, but having only Asteroids on the cartridge will help to reduce this price. The controller by itself is already pretty expensive. It is already 100% certain that Asteroids will require the Super Game Module, because we want to avoid a flicker-fest on the TV screen. With the added RAM of the SGM, we'll be able to implement a tile-based rendering engine for the asteroids and ship/alien projectiles (instead of sprites) which will reduce flicker to a minimum, and provide a much better gameplay experience. It is not clear yet if we will include extra features (shields instead of hyperspace, color graphics, etc.) but there's a good chance such features will make it in the final release candidate of the game. We still want to do the multi-cart (with hacked versions of Carnival, Omega Race, Space Fury, Star Trek, Victory, and perhaps more) but as a digital ROM file only. We figure most ColecoVision owners who will purchase the Asteroids Controller already have an AtariMax SD cartridge, so they can use that to play the multi-cart ROM file, and we can sell this ROM file for a much lower price compared to manufacturing an actual cartridge. The Asteroids controller will be compatible with the Atari 2600, Atari 7800 and Atari 8-bit computer versions of Asteroids (and will be compatible with several other games as well) so the ColecoVision pack-in Asteroids game will be completely optional at pre-order time. By the way, the box for the Asteroids pack-in will be a two-piece solid box, just like the boxes of the Team Pixelboy Budget Series released a few years back. Such a box is stronger than the cardboard boxes I usually use for Team Pixelboy titles, and this will be a good thing when shipping the pack-in game together with the Asteroids Controller in the same shipping box. PRE-ORDERING AND PAYMENTS The project will follow this general time line over the course of 2020: 1) Starting now, I will record initial pre-orders from all interested customers without requesting any advanced deposit. Within a few days of posting this news bulletin, I will contact (by e-mail) everyone who has recently communicated with me regarding the Asteroids Controller poll. In the mean time, if you're one of the people who positively voiced his/her interest in the Asteroids Controller poll, now is the time to contact me (at pixelboy at teampixelboy dot com) to place your official pre-order. You may also pre-order the ColecoVision Asteroids game only, without the Asteroids Controller, if you wish. 2) Mystery Man will program the Asteroids game for ColecoVision (this will likely take several months) and once it has been properly finished and beta-tested, all customers who placed a pre-order will be contacted, and will be asked to send a deposit of 50$US directly to doubledown as part of their order confirmation. With the money collected, doubledown will order parts and get started on assembling the Asteroids Controllers. 3) Once all controllers and pack-in carts are ready to ship, I will notify customers and ask for remaining payments (including shipping fees). doubledown will take care of shipping controllers and pack-in carts directly to all customers, once final payments are confirmed. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in this thread, and we'll try to answer them to the best of our ability. CHANGES TO THE MYSTERY MAN COLLECTION Aside from the Asteroids Controller, there are other things I want to mention today in this news bulletin: Pre-orders for the Mystery Man Collection have been very good so far, but I believe it will be a little difficult to find buyers for all 85 copies of each game. So with Mystery Man's accord, I have decided to reduce the number of manufactured copies of each game, and also to add one game to the collection, namely Monaco GP which is an SG-1000 port like the others. I will likely add Monaco GP to teampixelboy.com next week-end. So now the produced quantities will be as follows: - GP World : 60 copies - Mikie : 60 copies - Monaco GP : 60 copies - N-Sub : 60 copies - Sega Flipper : 50 copies - Sindbad Mystery : 60 copies - Star Jacker : 60 copies - Zaxxon II : 90 copies - Zoom 909 : 60 copies This adds up to a total of 560 copies of these games, together with 120 manufactured copies of Asteroids. There is still time to pre-order the games of the Mystery Man Collection, but I should remind everyone that once all these copies are pre-ordered and sold, no more copies will ever be produced. Same goes for Asteroids, once all 120 copies will have been sold. This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.
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