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  1. I first remember reading about the pong clone crash in some magazine in the summer of '82.
  2. I would like to buy a kit (with shipping insurance). Will you be using PayPal?
  3. My carts arrived! I will PM Juan a "thank you".
  4. Hi, Has anyone heard from Juan Mateos in the past few months? I made an order in May, he said he would ship after school was over, and I have no heard back on inquiries since. Thanks in advance. Hwrd
  5. Only partially related, but has anyone ever heard of a possible emulator shown on Youbue called " Multiplayer support for Atari Lynx emulation"? I wish there was some form of COMLYNX available in emulator form....
  6. Atari clearly was not going to outdo Nintendo's Super Mario Bros with anything as a launch pack in for the XEGS. FS II, while clearly not the direct competitor to Mario, offered product differentiation. Just saw this article, and it made me think this this thread:
  7. I would like to order one if they become available again.
  8. I had a computer shop in the late 80's, and when the Atari rep came in to visit in in '88, he said for us to expect 90% of Atari sales to become their PC sales. That never happened, and there was no word spoken otherwise about it. We had one PC1 in and it took a long time to sell. We sold a lot more of the traditional looking XT based Atari and Commodore PC's.
  9. The Famicom and the SG-1000 were originally released on the same day, July 15, 1983.
  10. I find the strengths of the 7800 reminds me of the Odyssey2 also: lots of moving objects, but not as strong (as the contemporary competition) with the background elements or resolution. Myself, I see the 7800 in similar class to the C=64/Atari 800, with the NES/SMS in a set a bit more visually capable. The former three are mostly "modified four colour" systems at a lower resolution, and "modified two colour" system at their higher resolution. The latter three are "modified four colour" and "modified sixteen colour" systems at closer to the higher resolutions. I think the SMS is definitely an evolution from the NES towards the PC-Engine. (I will be the first to say I really don't know, but...) I think the 7800 was more of a cost correction/market image correction than an enormous step beyond the 5200.
  11. I've looked and looked, but cannot find a website where the Sophia board is available. Is the Sophia board available currently?
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