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  1. Bold for sure. They have a point that there is a spot in the market to grab from. I'm just not sure this is what will do it.
  2. I don't know about that. I think there's a few weirdos on either side that are hateful and unreasonable, and then they smear the image of their side for the other side. But it's actually not so bad. Just don't pay attention to the extremes and it will be fine.
  3. Yeah, the question is, will casual gamers plunge 250 bucks into a console just to get couch co-op? Or will they stay content with playing on their phones and tablets? I mean, most casual players don't pay a dime. They mostly play freemium games with lootboxes and ads when there are quality games that cost almost nothing. Are they suddenly going to spend a lot just for the co-op feature, on games that are actually worse other than that? I'm a bit skeptical about that.
  4. So, a whole series of games combine into a system seller? Yeah, maybe that could be it.
  5. Highscore can create challenges, especially if you have someone to chase. And games don't need to be complex to be fun. Moon Patrol however, from the footage I've seen, looks dull. But maybe they have a lot of stuff they haven't shown, who knows.
  6. For 1982, Moon Patrol sure was a great game. What I mean is that this facelift, judging by the graphics, is only just that. I bet I could enjoy it for a short moment, but I'd put it away about as soon as I did Flappy Bird. It's not something I'd pay 10$ for, or even 5.
  7. I did read it. You say there are 10 levels, and that the enemies are different, but the levels I have seen in game footage looks like the same thing with very minor different that have no real gameplay impact. Making a game with 10 levels, but it's the same level just with a different color scheme, doesn't make the game deep. How do they differ gameplay wise?
  8. Well, I only go by the game footage I've seen, but everything I've seen looks the same. Static obstacles to jump over. Static obstacles to shoot. Occational aliens with laserbeams. Is there more to it than that?
  9. Ignore the point if you like. As for the topic - Yes, it was ignore. I had already found it. Not sure how it happened, but missclicks do happen, so...
  10. I just realized this thread doesn't show up in the Amico forum for me. What happened? I found out what happened - I had it on ignore. Not sure how that happened, but must have missclicked somehow.
  11. I think it looks way too repetitive. The word I used before, simple, was a bad choice. That's not the issues. Simple games can be good. But Moon Patrol is shallow.
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