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  1. And the REAL fun Amico thread was locked yesterday.
  2. If individuals behave badly, just ban them from the topic. Don't ruin the fun for everyone else...
  3. If it's any good at all, then how it's relevant when comparing to the Amico?
  4. If you can't explain, then it means it's not relevant.
  5. It has transformed into exclusive content, but Tommy was very clear about exclusive titles and no shovelware. Now it's shovelware with some haphazard extra content added to make Tommy look less like a bullshitter.
  6. Go ahead and read the quotation line and see that no, I didn't.
  7. 2007 flash games can be both fun and replayable. Not something I'd buy a console to play tho.
  8. It's exclusive to the Amico to use that BS version of the word exclusive.
  9. The multiplayer part is a minigame, doesn't add much.
  10. Preview of Evel Knievel! This is the mobile game, but I doubt the Amico version will be that much different!
  11. I hope there's interesting stuff in it so we dont have to nitpick. Maybe some more art theft? Or some controller lag? I haven't seen it yet.
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