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  1. You can find it in Retro Gamer 26 page 50: https://issuu.com/thiagoaugusto60/docs/retrogamer.issue.026/2?ff I also put some screenshots on the bottom and into attachment. Plus they said somewhere else that Jag could have tripled the texture fillrate performance but due bad design it wasted four cycles out of six just by idling. Maybe its even mentioned in this article where they talking about 'stalling all the time' issue. Plus Carmack said in an article that can't find right now that if they would drop 68k chip and add some cache for GPU then it would be much more powerful system or something along those lines.
  2. Hi folks! I'm old Atari fan since about 1988 and I have read recently an article that if Jag games would be highly optimized and some hw constraints/bugs would be removed from the Jag then it could outperform even the PSX. I would just wonder if somebody would be willing to take that task these days and prove the concept by removing all the hw issues and creating working prototype ideally with simple game demo to show its true potential and maybe it would kickstart the new era for Jag by producing and selling fixed Jag version that would be much more powerful than the original one but not by adding more powerful chips in it but quite the opposite by just fixing the hw issues and polishing it overall and maybe even by removing the 68k chip entirely as Carmack suggested. And if there would be sufficient interest from community about such revised version of Jag then there would be space to start producing and selling games that would be on par with PSX or even better ones and that would spark just more interest about Jag and create an endless loop like snowball effect that would help to prolong Jag lifespan and make it thrive even more. These days by using the crowdfunding option such project would be entirely feasible if I look at how vibrant the Jag community is and if someone would be interested and capable enough to take and deliver that job after first some research would be done and the result would be that there is enough interest from the community to undergo such daunting task. Of course it would be more a hobby project that would just cover the costs and maybe could even make some extra money as to hw devs so to game devs too rather than expecting some serious money out of it. But if anybody would be interested about such project or any other interesting project within or outside of realm of the Jag or Atari that would be innovative enough and had a sufficient potential to invest the time and effort in it especially but not mandatory if it could make some serious money too then I could help with marketing and business side of things cause I used to be quite successful in sales in the past. So what do you guys think about such project? Do you think it could be feasible these days and there would be sufficient interest from the community? If anybody would be interested about such project or have other interesting project/s that would need the help on marketing or business side of things then let me know and I will gladly give you at least some advices if not get involved into the project directly or more actively. Thanks for your responses!
  3. Thousand times more wicked 😉 cause it can push even 850M pps but never knew just at 1 bpp. Good marketing trick but didn't save the Jag from his fate 😢. Regarding the polys that 56k pps figure is rather theoretical or could be achieved these days by squeezing the power out of Jag by dedicated person/team and I would wish if somebody would make at least simple playable game demo and show us how many polys can Jag push on screen buttery smooth and reveal its true potential but back in the days it could do at most 10-20k pps if at all I guess if you look at those horrible boxy/edgy mess produced back then. But I have read recently that if games would be highly optimized and some hw constraints/bugs would be removed then it could outperform even the PSX.
  4. I think he messed up his calculations and he really meant the Jag can produce 11.2M polygons in 199 seconds so it would make roughly 56.000 polygons/sec what is the real Jag power and the Jag games and game devs support that figure.
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