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  1. I was able to boot all the images that were placed on the above sites. Unbelievable. What is the difference between this and the countless image files that I have downloaded and could hardly boot? Anyway, for now, I just want to thank you. I was lucky enough to ask a question on this forum and get your answer.
  2. Thank you all. I was wondering about this. Thanks also for the link to Homesoft. It's a great collection. I'll try to get it running tomorrow.
  3. Please watch the video. I was going to play "Alley Cat," but this is what happened. I booted the XEX file from SIDE3, and the ATR file from Fujinet 1.5, but the screen collapsed in both cases (the game itself seems to be working). Can someone please tell me why this is happening? IMG_7236.MOV
  4. I'd like to get someone to repair it, but I'm not too keen on sending my XL abroad again. I'm off work on Saturday, so I'll try again. Thanks!
  5. Hi. Thanks everyone. I also got some advice from Mr.Paul from EBF by email. Today I removed the chip and cleaned the socket with a cotton swab and IPA. I was quite hopeful, but unfortunately there was no change. There's nothing more I can do. I am very disappointed. What can I do with this XL? IMG_6930.mp4
  6. Thank you all. I'll buy some chip remover tomorrow and give it a try. (I just tried to remove the chip with a flathead screwdriver, but decided against it.) Eightbitfix also gave me some advice. I will try the method you gave me this week.
  7. Hi, keyboard did not seem to be responding. I understand. I'll pull out the chip and clean the legs. Thanks!
  8. Dear Mclaneinc. Thanks for the comment. There is no genuine PSU as I bought it from an ebay seller without accessories. I used the USB power cable that this store sells. https://bit.ly/3CRqlqY
  9. I am participating from Japan.
    A long time ago, I released a game called Hong Kong 97 on the SNES.

    1. Steven Pendleton

      Steven Pendleton

      Somehow, seeing you here has made my already great day become even better. 多分このサイトで日本語をわかるユーザーが少ないと思いますがこれからよろしくお願いします。

    2. SlidellMan


      It's nice to see you here, too.

    3. GoldLeader


      Is that really you?  Classic!   A nice middle finger to Nintendo, China, good games everywhere and common decency...  ;)  Welcome aboard!!

  10. Hello everyone. I'm writing this from Japan. The 800XL I bought from the US on ebay was delivered today. I did a self-check and everything was fine, but then I went to the bathroom and when I came back, the screen was completely black. When I turned the power back on, this screen appeared. https://twitter.com/kurosawa6502/status/1442422599942688775 I don't have any repair skills, so I cleaned the base with IPA. Of course, the situation did not change. I don't have the skills to repair it, so I would like to hire a professional to do the repair, and I would like to know if you have any recommendations. It's depressing to send something back to the US that arrived today from the US. Kurosawa
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