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  1. Yes, you do get lot of time wasters on Gumtree and Facebook. Ebay you will get the best price most of the time. They've just peed me off, so I begrudge making them money now lol. They can do one.
  2. Selling for £99 if anyone interested. I think thats a great price.
  3. I did sell on Ebay for years. They've just peed me off so many times over recent years I'm done with them. Not giving them 13% when they don't look after sellers anymore. They only care about buyers interests.
  4. Here's some updated pictures....... It's on Gumtree if anyone wants to make me a fair offer. https://www.gumtree.com/p/atari/atari-800xl-tested-fully-working-one-owner-since-new/1416310272
  5. Just a quick update on this. I got the USB power supply from Atari Giant, works great. I also managed to figure out the sound issue. It was just that the component connections (yellow, red and white) weren't going to be correct on this connector i brought from amazon. There was also a black component on it, and if you put this black pin in instead of the white pin the sound works perfectly on the tv and with the scart adapter. So happy days! So i've now tested it and everything still works perfectly, which I'm pretty amazed by given it's been stored away for so many years. Thanks everyone for the advise. It's for sale as it is, at a fair price if anyone interested.
  6. You can buy clear cases for the 800XL so you can see all the internal circuit boarding. I know I guy who does custom spray painting of consoles for about £200. It wasn't just about making a profit. If I modded the case, I might keep it for a while before selling it. Just wanted to know if people are interested in these 8bit systems if they are custom and not stock. Like for instance classic cars that have original stock materials often more sort after than stuff thats been modernised and pimped up. I'm not a money grub. I just like to sell things decent and give them long a life as possible. I mean we all consume way to many resources as it is, so reusing things can only be a positive.
  7. Just out of interest, are these 800XL's more sort after as original, or with customised or modded cases. As the case has yellowed somewhat, and would need a bit of cleaning, might it be better to buy a different shell or have the original case custom spray painted with some game graphics, like pac man for example? Would people be into a customised Atari, like they would for say a customised snes or ps1?
  8. Yes, I read this in a few places. For the minimal cost of a usb power supply, not worth the risk of using this old power pack.
  9. 1050 disk drives are listed on Ebay for £200 in UK, just on their own.
  10. Ok, Nice one. I will buy one. Then I can have a bit more of a play with it without the fear of the original power supply damaging it. Thanks for the recommendation.
  11. No didn't try that. I just put the 3 connectors straight in as colour coded. Never thought the old connections might mean this won't work. I think I will get a power supply for it and then I can mess with it a bit more without fear of power pack damaging the circuit boards.
  12. If I purchase the recommended USB adapter from ebay, can you use any USB mains adapter and plug straight into the wall? How is the current regulated doing this? How do you know not overloading the Atari? I have a USB mains adapter for my phone charger. Would this be ok to use? AC to DC it says on it. It's from CEX. Thanks
  13. Thanks, that was my thoughts, some people might have other 8 bit equipment already and don't need the peripherals. I want to get it fully working, and I don't want to mess with it whilst running on this current power supply, so I am taking it down to a local electronics repairer for him to take a look. He's into retro tech so he's quite happy about getting to work on a 800XL. I'm sure he will have some kind of old monitor to try it out on. Fingers crossed its just the lead and TV that was the cause of the sound issue and its all ok. If not, he will find the issue and repair anything as required so it's in good order.
  14. So this one has the worst keyboard.....haha, thanks for the info, at least i know now.
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