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  1. Xbox Series X controller Background: Tested with an Xbox Adapter for Windows using AtariOS. It has been reported by another user on YouTube that it works wired. I was hoping to see if it will work with an adapter wirelessly. Result: Doesn't work on AtariOS even with adapter. Works great on Windows 10 which I installed on Atari VCS m.2 drive. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Background: I have a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (Super Smash Bros edition) that works with Nintendo Switch, but will it work wired and wirelessly with AtariOS? Result: I have found that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller connects to the VCS and works wired and wirelessly with the AtariOS. It doesn’t however, work with Stadia on AtariOS though it does work with Antstream satisfactory and only the menu in Asteroids: 7800 works on the VCS (which suggests other emulator games I don’t own wouldn’t support this controller). On Windows 10 it does work with Stadia and it works both wired and wirelessly with Stadia. Only menu was functional and couldn’t play games in Atari VCS Vault. Lastly, Black Widow Recharged is available on the Nintendo Switch but I found that playing this game with a Pro Controller didn’t work (only menus worked). Nintendo Switch PDP Faceoff chat controller Background: I happened to have this wired controller and wondered if it would work on an Atari VCS OS. I’m pretty sure the Xbox PowerA ones and other third party controllers do so let’s give it a shot! Result: Could not get it to work wired or wirelessly. The only symbol of hope was that one of the buttons lit up when I plugged this controller into a VCS USB port. Not recommended for VCS use on AtariOS. Findings and summary: When it comes to the Atari VCS, the Atari Modern Controller and Classic Joystick are the ideal controllers to use with the system in my opinion. The third-party controllers in bold above such as a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and others were tested for use on the VCS and Windows with a AtariOS focus.
  2. I'll be testing Microsoft's Xbox Wireless Controller Adapter (for Windows) with an Xbox Series X controller on the VCS AtariOS (using Microsoft's 2020 Xbox Wireless Controller). Hopefully it'll pair! I'll post the result in this thread in January. I'll also test an Xbox One controller which previously didn't pair with the VCS via bluetooth.
  3. I'd like to see that as well! I know Atari partnered with WonderOS which I believe *could perhaps* provide an environment for mobile games on the VCS (I hope, though idk if that's why Atari partnered with them). Hopefully there's an announcement soon regarding proposed titles to the VCS such as the Tempest 4000 port and the Rollercoaster Tycoon port. I enjoyed the game Pong Quest by Atari on Steam and was a little surprised this game and others like the ones you mentioned weren't available by June 2021 when the VCS console first officially launched (in the U.S.). Imagine an Atari console system without both Centipede and Rollercoaster Tycoon? https://atarivcs.medium.com/atari-and-wonder-join-forces-on-cross-platform-gaming-2c0f6867d448
  4. Had the same issue though it looks to be resolved for me now.
  5. I had a similar problem but I do have a partial solution you can try. Xbox One: The Xbox One controller should pair with the VCS if you press the pair button at the top of the controller and go to the place in the settings where it says 'pairing' in devices. If you try to pair the controller every time you use the VCS, I've found that the VCS recognizes the Xbox One controller as a "Gamepad" and not an "Xbox Wireless Controller". You will probably want it to be recognized as an Xbox Wireless Controller because if it does that, all the buttons should be fully functional whereas in gamepad some buttons weren't recognized. After you pair it once, next time you use the VCS, press the Xbox logo to turn on the controller to use with the VCS. My Xbox controller was 'forgotten' by the VCS after not using it for a few days so you would repeat the steps above. Xbox Series X controllers aren't compatible natively with the VCS yet but I sent Atari Support a request for that feature and they said they will send it to the software engineers for their review. You may want to try updating the controller firmware for your Xbox One or 360 controllers on a Windows machine (using the Xbox Accessories app) and see if you have more luck that way. The issue I had was I have two Xbox One controllers and only one of them would pair with the VCS. The other one was only recognized wired. I can't guarantee you that my ideas here will 100% help you but as long as the bluetooth in the controllers functions and you have the most up-to-date firmware for your controllers, I would think it should connect to the VCS.
  6. That is neat, never seen a Rii keyboard before! I use the Logitech K400+ with mine.
  7. I purchased Centipede Recharged and Planet Smashers. Planet Smashers is a space shooter that uses the Atari 7800 emulator. You can also play games on Stadia online, I played Hitman 3 and Cyberpunk on there with the VCS recently (purchased separately). I have an Xbox One controller that I use wirelessly with it and it works in the gaming apps. VCS also has Xbox Game Pass with a subscription to that service and GeForce Now. I don't use Luna as it's not available in Canada yet. Donut Dodo looks like a neat upcoming VCS game imo. It's a platforming game that looks like it's from 1983. Other than that I'd buy the Rollercoaster Tycoon port but it's not for sale yet and I'm definitely considering Asteroids and Breakout Recharged!
  8. Mine is having similar issues as well. It asks me to login with internet even though Chrome still functions normally (before the message pops up) and also friends list and store won't load. Similar to last weekend. It's actually not too bad on my end because I can still stream videos on YouTube or play games on Stadia. I hope maybe with a system update patch the issue might resolve.
  9. Vote submitted. Canada, Atari VCS 800 Onyx and Indiegogo backer.
  10. In relation to the topic of controller compatibility, I found I was unable to pair my Xbox Series X controller (only Xbox One controller worked) with the VCS. Not a big deal obviously, but I let Atari customer service know via a support ticket and they mentioned that they will send that request to the engineers for their review. Speaking of the Classic Joystick I also requested a feature awhile ago for the Classic Joystick to be compatible as a mouse in the upcoming Rollercoaster Tycoon port. I'm highly looking forward to the future of the VCS. I liked the interface improvement thread on here which is an excellent way to encourage the improvement of the Atari OS and its features. The customer service team for Atari has been excellent as of late in my opinion. The best things may come to us if we wait while suggesting subtle improvements!
  11. I think so too, they mentioned cryptocurrency payment methods are coming to the VCS eventually. I think it was the Ultra partnership but could be wrong. My guess is a software update is coming. That 'payment key' message from Atari in their store confirmation email is kind of a hint I think.
  12. We got a new update from Valve re: SteamOS 3.0 This article is one of a few which mention that the updated SteamOS will be available to everyone after the Steam Deck launches (after February 2022). I believe that OS has web browsing capabilities and works well with Steam. I would be curious ie. how well it will work on the VCS though it is a Linux distro so it may work well. https://9to5linux.com/valve-says-steamos-3-0-will-be-available-for-everyone-to-download-and-install
  13. I wonder if a mobile port of Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch is coming to the VCS in addition. They also mentioned in the Aug 16th press release that we also should be getting access to a Rollercoaster Tycoon port as well as Tempest 4000. I read that the first Xbox console had a port of the 1999 Rollercoaster Tycoon game which worked with a controller. In all logic that one may be the one coming to the VCS store.
  14. There's a big game sale on Stadia. Picked up Madden 22 and Cyberpunk discounted $40 (Canadian dollars) per game. There's also other titles on sale.
  15. This might be of interest, a new interview with Michael Arzt. https://www.shacknews.com/article/127747/atari-vcs-deep-dive-interview-with-coo-michael-artz
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