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  1. You shouldn't be paranoid about using a credit card or saving it in your profile. You can always contact the credit card issuer and they'll repair and harm or damage caused to your credit card account. I WOULDN'T save your debit card because it's not protected like a credit card.
  2. The paperclip hacked helped me to modify the settings for my needs. Also, the "celebrate" BIOS password started working for me after many failed attempts.
  3. Ok, now I don't know what happened as the USB Multi boot Grub2 no longer shows my Windows installation as a selectable OS in the boot menu. The only change to the internal M.2 drive was when I partitioned the M.2 drive to add 1.75 GB of roms. I formatted the unused space as NTFS. I can still boot into Windows if I enter into the BIOS and select Windows, so I'm not sure why it's missing as an option through the usb boot menu. I wiped the usb drive and reinstalled the Grub2 and still no luck. On a positive note, somehow I am now able to access the BIOS with the celebrate password and I disabled the password. Strange but true.
  4. Ok, so I tried the eMMC (permanent) Multi boot Grub2 VCS and the Atari OS forced an update and it cleared this method from working. Next, I tried the USB Multi boot Grub2 VCS method and it work. I had to update the config file on the usb drive to move Windows up one spot to the default #1 boot priority position. This works for me because the system will boot into the #1 selected OS after roughly 10 seconds of inactivity. Can we use a gamepad to select the OS, or are we stuck with a keyboard only input at the boot screen?
  5. Tech support responded by asking me if my keyboard lights up and visible characters can be seen on screen. I gave up on tech support and decided to use Charles Darwins "paperclip" BIOS hack to get into the BIOS. I was finally able to install Windows 10 onto my M.2 drive and update the BIOS settings: VCS BIOS Password - VCS PC-Mode Discussion - AtariAge Forums
  6. Welcome to the party pal and I have the same issue! I've tried multiple keyboards; wired USB, wireless, Atari OS onscreen keyboard and nothing works. I submitted a ticket with Atari tech support and they first responded with the current BIOS password. I responded that the password doesn't work. They responded that I should try a USB keyboard. I responded on Friday that I tried USB keyboards and I still can't get into the BIOS. I should receive a response from tech support on Monday. I recommended to tech support that they should remove the BIOS password or simplify the password on the next BIOS update.
  7. Yes, they responded with Atar!C3l3br8te$50Ye4r$ as the BIOS password. I sent them a follow up to let them know that the password doesn't work on my VCS.
  8. Atari needs to update the BIOS because a lot of new owners can't access the BIOS with the latest password. I submitted a support ticket asking for the BIOS password and they responded with known password: Atar!C3l3br8te$50Ye4r$. They should simplify the password without all of the special characters in the next BIOS update.
  9. Ok so I just received my Atari VCS today and I can’t get into the BIOS with any of the previously discovered passwords. I’ve tried multiple keyboards and no luck. You can click on the BIOS Password box with a mouse and a digital BIOS keyboard will pop up. Nothing works. This is frustrating because I purchased a 2TB M.2 SSD, upgraded Wi-Fi/Bluetooth card, and 16GB of 3200MHz ram. I guess I’ll have to wait until I can get into the BIOS to upgrade everything. I KNEW THAT I SHOULDNT HAVE UPGRADED THE BIOS! My VCS shipped with BIOS 1.0.20. Current System Software: Operating System - Version 20210826.135839, production build - P#1205 BIOS - 1.0.23
  10. I just ordered the $299 Onyx version of the console to strictly boot into Windows as a dedicated Hyperspin/Launchbox emulation gaming machine . I've been looking to build a mini small form factor pc or purchase a prebuild and I stumbled across this Atari VCS. I like the look and design of the system and the fact that it's a mini pc. I could care less about the Atari OS. My goal with this machine is to boot into Hyperspin for retro console and arcade Mame gaming. I've researched the internal M.2 SSD, memory upgrades, BIOS password issues, OS booting issues etc., and have a few questions. 1. Memory upgrades - I'm confused about which memory upgrade to pull the trigger on. I've read that the 32GB memory can't run at 3200MHz, so what 32GB memory is the best upgrade for this system? Should I simply settle for 16GB 3200MHz memory? If I choose the 32GB option, how many GB should be dedicated for the graphics? I read somewhere that 12GB was optimal? 2. BIOS - Most of the information regarding this system is 6 - 8 months old, so what's the latest status on the BIOS lockdown? 3. Windows - What are the current issues with installing Windows 10 to an internal M.2 SSD and have the system boot into windows on startup? My goal is to complete max out the performance on this system, so your knowledge and input will be greatly appreciated! P.S. I'll be running this 2TB Hyperspin arcade drive listed below and plan to copy the contents of the drive onto the internal M.2 SSD: https://www.romcollector.com/hyperspin-arcade-drive-p-155.html
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