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  1. Ah! There seems to be a problem with the contents of the Makefile! I may be able to fix it myself. I don't know how to delete the Topic, so I'll leave it. I'll report back when it's done. Sorry to bother you.
  2. Hi, Everybody. I'm having trouble referencing the libti99 header file properly. ・Is the location of libti99 wrong? ・Is the make of libti99 failed? ・Is there any other reason? I would appreciate your ideas. 【Install procedure】 1.Install gcc and gcc fot ti on Ubntu 20.04.3 LTS 2.Download gcc-installer.tar.gz from and install. 3.Get libti99 from https://github.com/tursilion/libti99 and compile. Then I placed the libti99 directory to /home/user/tigcc/lib/gcc/tms9900/4.4.0/include 【Trouble】 I want to use vdp.h to compile the following code #include <libti99/vdp.h> void main() { /* VDP SETUP */ int x = set_bitmap_raw(VDP_SPR_8x8); VDP_SET_REGISTER(VDP_REG_MODE1, x); VDP_SET_REGISTER(VDP_REG_SIT, 7); // 1C00 /* VDP_SET_REGISTER(VDP_REG_CT, 0x80); // 2000 VDP_SET_REGISTER(VDP_REG_PDT, 0); // 0000 VDP_SET_REGISTER(VDP_REG_SDT, 3); // 1800 */ VDP_SET_REGISTER(VDP_REG_SAL,0x3E); // 1F00 /* RESTORE VRAM */ vdpmemcpy(0x0000, (unsigned char*)0x5000, 0x1000); vdpmemcpy(0x1000, (unsigned char*)0x9000, 0x3000); /* RETURN TO G-BASIC */ __asm__("li r0,>F000"); __asm__("li r1,>0100"); __asm__("li r15,>6000"); __asm__("movb *R0+,*R15+"); __asm__("dec r1"); __asm__("joc >0FFA"); __asm__("lwpi >6000"); __asm__("li r0,>8F00"); __asm__("li r1,>0100"); __asm__("li r15,>F000"); __asm__("movb *R0+,*R15+"); __asm__("dec r1"); __asm__("joc >0FFA"); __asm__("limi >0003"); __asm__("lwpi >F0A0"); __asm__("b @>0E5C"); } But,I get an error code like the following and cannot build. /home/user/tigcc/lib/gcc/tms9900/4.4.0/../../../../tms9900/bin/ld: warning: cannnot find entry symbol _start; defaulting to 000000000000a074 /tmp/ccuxOSjn.o: In function `main': (.text+0x110): undefined reference to `set_bitmap_raw' /tmp/ccuxOSjn.o: In function `main': (.text+0x146): undefined reference to `vdpmemcpy' /tmp/ccuxOSjn.o: In function `main': (.text+0x156): undefined reference to `vdpmemcpy' collect2: ld returned 1 exit status. I think tms9900-gcc(or/and ld) can not referencing vdp.h , or this header file is not built properly. I tried my best to solve this problem on my own, but I could not. Any help in resolving this would be appreciated. Thank you.
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